Is it safe for you to eat refrigerated food?

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Is it safe for you to eat refrigerated food?
Is it safe for you to eat refrigerated food?

26 Sep 2021: Is it safe for you to eat refrigerated food?

Of all the appliances at your home, the refrigerator is probably the most used. From cooked food to ready-to-cook items, milk, drinks, eggs, and meat, you can store anything inside a fridge. But have you ever wondered if it is okay for you to consume refrigerated food? We help you understand why eating food from the fridge might not be good at all times.

Quality check: Do refrigerated foods have same nutritional value?

Fresh food any day has higher nutritional value compared to foods that are refrigerated. Delhi-based nutritionist Pooja Malhotra says, "During the process of refrigeration and storage there is a loss of essential nutrients. Also, there is some loss of color, flavor, and texture." She further cautioned that freezing food items for a prolonged time will alter their benefits and taste as well.

Avoid these: Common mistakes we make while storing food items in fridge

We mostly buy vegetables from the market that might be sufficient for three to seven days. Many of us directly store those vegetables in the fridge basket. Experts say that it is better to store them after cleaning with water and drying with a cloth. Never put hot or warm food inside the fridge directly. Let the food cool down and then store it.

Don'ts: Follow these tips, avoid falling ill after consuming refrigerated food

Any food item stored in the fridge for over three to four days will lose its nutrition and is harmful to your body. So, never eat such dishes, as they are poisonous. Uncovered food and cut fruits, if fermented, spread their odor to other food items. Always cover before storing them. Failing to follow these steps would lead to diarrhea and other stomach diseases.

Tips: Keep these in mind before consuming refrigerated food

-Maintain a hygienic environment in the refrigerator and clean it thoroughly every 10 days. -Improper arrangement and/or bulk storage also affect food quality. So be careful of that, too. -Keep uncooked fish and meat items in covered containers. The smell emanating from them spoils other items. -Always check if your fridge is working properly, otherwise food items will get spoiled despite storing them inside.

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