Sadie Sink Opens Up About Cutting Her Iconic Long Hair Into a Short Bob

Sadie Sink Opens Up About Cutting Her Iconic Long Hair Into a Short Bob

Sadie Sink is instantly recognizable thanks to her stunning long red hair—a look she's rocked in Stranger Things, not to mention Taylor Swift's video for "All Too Well." But she recently switched things up and cut her hair into a short above-the-shoulder bob, a pretty huge change that looks incredible!

Sadie spoke about the look while chatting to Refinery29 for her recent beauty collab with Armani, saying ultimately she cut her hair for work—but has found it super freeing.

"It was for a role," Sadie explained. "It felt right for the character. I never really thought about cutting my hair in my own life. It never crossed my mind to do something like that. But once it happened, I felt very empowered by it."

She went on to say that "Everyone knows me with long hair. It was always such a talking point; my hair was a very defining feature for me. So to get rid of that — especially just turning 21 and stepping into adulthood — that big change felt really exciting. It was right for the character, but also right for where I [am] in my own life. It feels more like me. It's also hot as hell right now, so it's nice to have a foot of hair off."

Sadie also talked a but about styling her new cut, saying "My hair is very full. The waves that I've worn in the past, that's just how my hair is naturally. So having my hair shorter has been an adjustment. My brother was telling me that I look like Junie B. Jones, because at the beginning it was pouffing. But now I know how to handle it."

Cool, guess it's time to go ask myself life's most important question: should *I* also get a bob?

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