Rylan Clark ‘praying’ as mum Linda admitted to hospital for surgery after falling on holiday

Rylan Clark has said that he is “praying” for his mum Linda after she was admitted to hospital in need of surgery.

In a statement shared on Twitter/X on Friday (1 September), the TV presenter said that he had been away with his mother on holiday when she had “quite a bad fall”.

As a result, Clark, 34, explained, Linda had needed to have surgery in the location they had been staying.

“So unfortunately I took my mum away on her first holiday in a good few years and sadly she’s had quite a bad fall, resulting in her having to have surgery out here,” Clark wrote.

“She’s not in the best health with her other conditions and this has made it more complicated.”

Clark then explained that he would be missing his BBC Radio 2 show on Saturday (2 September), with Scott Mills filling in for him.

“My priority at the moment is my mum,” he said. “Cheers Scott for covering me at Radio 2 and thanks to the people out here that have sent their well wishes.

“Praying for a successful surgery and a quick recovery. Will update you on mummy Linda as and when I can x.”

Linda has Crohn’s disease, a chronic condition where parts of the digestive system become inflamed.

Clark’s mother is a well-known face to fans of the presenter, as the pair have appeared together on a number of shows.

This includes Celebrity Gogglebox, which Clark joked in 2020 was “the worst thing I ever did, because these days all people want to talk to me about is my mum”.

“Whenever I land at an airport, there’s always someone who shouts, ‘How’s your mum? Is she with you?’” he told The Daily Star.

Clark with mum Linda on ‘Celebrity Gogglebox’ (Channel 4)
Clark with mum Linda on ‘Celebrity Gogglebox’ (Channel 4)

“My mum is absolutely becoming more famous than me. Hopefully I can retire and she can look after me.”

The mother-son duo are so popular with fans that Clark once revealed he and Linda had been offered the chance to make their own travel show together.

“It would be hilarious, but she’s just not well enough to do it,” he said in 2020.

As a result of her Crohn’s disease, Clark and Linda took a two-year break from taking part in Celebrity Gogglebox. However, they returned in 2022 and once again this summer.

During an appearance on Loose Women in 2022, Clark revealed that his mother had nearly died three times as a result of the condition.