Russians to launch third wave of Avdiivka offensive as soon as weather improves


The Russians will launch the third wave of the Avdiivka offensive in Donetsk Oblast as soon as the weather improves, the city’s military administration head, Vitaliy Barabash, told Ukrainian TV Channel 24 on Nov. 7.

He acknowledged the difficulty of the situation near the Avdiivka coke and chemical plant, but assured that the Ukrainian Armed Forces are in control, so the enemy has no breakthroughs.

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The Russians are using less equipment due to the deteriorating weather conditions, but they will launch the third wave of the offensive, as soon as it improves.

Small-arms combat continues around the clock, and the enemy "compensates" for any failures with shelling and air strikes on Avdiivka. The city is turning into Maryinka, which the invaders have "destroyed to its foundations".

"Avdiivka is gradually turning into a ruined Maryinka. Before the escalation there was not a single intact building, and after the escalation the enemy is demolishing several buildings every day," Barabash said.

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Russia’s offensive on Avdiivka — What is known

Russian troops intensified their offensive on Avdiivka on Oct. 10, launching massive attacks on the Donbas town.

The head of Avdiiivka’s military administration, Vitaliy Barabash, said that Oct. 10 saw “probably the largest attack on the city in the entire full-scale war,” but the situation was under control. The Ukrainian Armed Forces said that the Russian military wants to surround Avdiivka, and is throwing a large amount of equipment and personnel into battle.

Barabash, said on Oct. 20 that Russian troops had launched a new wave of assaults. The situation remains complicated.

Since the beginning of the Russian offensive on Avdiivka, the losses of the occupation forces in Donetsk Oblast amounted to 6,500 soldiers, Tavria Defense Forces spokesperson, Colonel Oleksandr Shtupun, has said.

Russian invasion forces have eased their attacks on Avdiivka to replace their losses and regroup, Shtupun said on Nov. 2.

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