Russell Crowe ventures out as bush fires continue to rage

Russell Crowe ventures out as bush fires continue to rage

Russell Crowe has started the clean-up process at his home in Australia after bush fires left his sprawling estate "absolutely smashed".

The Gladiator star's rural property near Coffs Harbour in New South Wales was among the areas engulfed by "catastrophic" flames earlier this month (Nov19), when two of his buildings were completely destroyed.

On Monday (25Nov19), he shared video footage on Twitter showing the damage done to parts of his land, where trees had fallen, blocking roads and pathways, as smoke filled the air.

"Sent this to a friend. Thought I'd share with you too," he captioned the clip. "Fires still burning , logs smoking everywhere you look.

"Got halfway to where we were trying to get to, will try again in the morning when it's cooler."

In the video, Crowe explained he and a group of pals had set out to try and clear a path to a main road, but there was so much debris, they didn't make it too far.

"So we're up here trying to get up to this ridge road but we keep coming across things like that (fallen trees)... so I got a few boys behind me, chopping through with a chainsaw, but I don't think we brought enough chainsaws... 'cause we got a long way to go to get to where we're supposed to be," he said.

"Look at this place, mate, absolutely f**king smashed," he added to his friend.

Crowe is not alone in his despair as there were 65 blazes burning across New South Wales on Sunday evening, with just over half contained, while residents in Victoria and Queensland were also facing the threat of bush fires.

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