Rupert Grint birthday special: Roles he could have been offered

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Rupert Grint birthday special: Roles he could have been offered
Rupert Grint birthday special: Roles he could have been offered

24 Aug 2021: Rupert Grint birthday special: Roles he could have been offered

Happy birthday to our dearest Ron Weasley! One among the three main characters of Harry Potter, Rupert Grint tasted fame at a young age of eleven. Particularly excelling in Wizard's chess, Ron was a bit goofy yet a loyal friend. Logically-minded Ron stole the thunder with his charming and funny attitude. Let's explore some of the other movies where Grint would have fit perfectly.

#1: Fits funny and witty Stu in 'The Hangover'

Todd Phillips directed The Hangover features three bachelors partying so hard that they forget what happens with them after waking up from the bash. The movie would have been an apt one for Grint, as we have always imagined him in funny and witty roles. The star could have easily added charm to Ed Helms' character Stu with his serious yet enjoyable attitude.

#2: Grint matches Alexandre's comic personality from 'The Last Mercenary'

French comedy-drama The Last Mercenary shows a desperate The Mist (Jean-Claude Van Damme) on a journey to find his son. The character of Alexandre provided the comic relief in the otherwise grumpy film. Though Alban Ivanov was apt as Alexandre, we think Grint would have done a good job too. That's because his skills match the same genre of the bumbling bureaucrat.

#3: Could Grint alter Lee from 'The Kissing Booth'?

The Kissing Booth centers around the story of three teenagers who enjoy their lives to the fullest, while dealing with love and friendship struggles. It has Elle Evan's (Joey King) best friend Lee Flynn (Joel Courtney) as a loyal pal. Going by this description, Grint seems like a good alternative, as he still holds that familiar lovable personality, despite being in his 30s.

#4: Could have spiced up drug-dealer's character in 'We're the Millers'

Revolving around a drug seller and his hired family, We're the Millers gives you stomach-cringe laughter. We speculate Grint could have altered that role of a nefarious drug lord and made the character look even more convincing with his mid-aged captivating look. Plus the humorous side that Jason Sudeikis brings in the movie would have got more spice from our British star.

#5: Grint as Seth Rogen's Isaac from 'The Night Before,' anyone?

The Night Before, a 2015 release, spins around three best friends who meet each other every Christmas Eve. Soon after realizing that their tradition is coming to an end, they try to make it as memorable as possible by tracing the Holy Grail of Christmas parties. If Grint is suitable for any character in this film, it's Seth Rogen's, who played Isaac, a father-to-be.

#6: Harry Potter's star could have been perfect party boy

This is the End is a Hollywood apocalyptic horror-comedy, directed by Rogen and Evan Goldberg. The movie revolves around a group of friends joining a party, which later turns into an unexpected carnage. Grint could have taken up James Franco's role of Harry Osborn, and transformed from that cool party boy, to a caring man. We wish Grint the very best on his birthday!

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