Ruco Chan denies allegations of damaging rental unit

18 Jun – TVB actor Ruco Chan has recently denied allegations made by his previous landlord that he and his mother had damaged the interior of their rental unit in Tseung Kwan O before moving out of the place earlier than previously agreed.

According to Mingpao, tabloids recently published a report saying that the owner of the unit has accused Ruco of leaving the unit after only a year of residence despite signing a two-year lease. It was also alleged that upon inspection following Ruco's departure, the owner found that the wall and the floor of the unit were severely damaged.

When asked about it recently, the actor denied the reports, saying that he has already handed the matter to his lawyer.

Ruco stated that he had lived in various places before moving to the said rental unit and had never faced any issues with his previous landlords and neighbours.

He denied allegations that he covered the moldy floor with white paper, saying that the floor of the unit gets cold during cold weather, and that it was very dangerous for his mother.

He also claimed that the unit had many problems when they were living there for a year, which prompted the decision to leave sooner than expected. This includes electrical short-circuits, as well as problems with air-conditioning and water heaters.

Ruco stressed that all of the issues were already notified to the owner when it occurred, but that the latter failed to act on solving the issues quickly. He added that the owner also refused to approve the repairman that Ruco chose to work on some of the problems and insisted on hiring someone he knew to do it instead.

The actor admitted that he could have dealt with the issues tactfully but that he was too busy with work when it happened. However, he stressed that everything has already been handed to his lawyer to be dealt with in the future.

Ruco also urged the media not to harass his mother about the issue, saying that his mother is already troubled by it as it is.

(Photo Source: Mingpao)