Ruby Rose adamant short hair suits her best

Ruby Rose

Ruby Rose has insisted she has short hair simply because the style suits her best.

The Australian actress had long black locks when she started out her TV and modelling career in the early 2000s but later opted to chop her strands into a very short crop.

Ruby, who is currently promoting her role as Kate Kane/Batwoman in TV series Batwoman, has kept the hairstyle ever since, and in a new interview with Emmy magazine, explained that she wasn’t trying to make some sort of a statement with the look.

"It was such a personal thing for (the people I was working with at the time), that I had this option in their mind to be really beautiful, have really long hair, be very feminine and attractive, and I was choosing some harder life — choosing to be less attractive, to look like a butch lesbian or a dyke or whatever it was, choosing to look like a boy,” said the star, who is genderfluid, adding candidly: “I just think short hair suits me. It wasn't a big political move or a statement."

Even though Ruby loves her signature pixie crop, she has experimented with the colour many times over the years. And she previously shared that she uses regularly takes to the Internet to get inspiration.

"When I’m getting ready for an event, I literally just do this,” the 32-year-old commented, as she took part in a virtual reality hair makeover with Allure. “I go onto my computer, I steal all the looks from my favourite people.”

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