Ruby Lin responds to "My Dear Boy" cancellation in China

12 Jan – Taiwanese actress-producer Ruby Lin has recently released a statement clarifying the issue concerning the cancellation of her new drama, "My Dear Boy" in mainland China.

As reported on Epoch Times, it was recently reported that the actress' comeback drama has been cancelled by the Guangdong Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television Bureau, after only two episodes.

Although the reason for its cancellation remains unclear, it was rumoured that it had something to do with Chinese netizens' dissatisfaction that the drama was funded by the Taiwanese Ministry of Culture (MOC).

Many also came to the conclusion that by accepting the fund, Ruby is supporting the Taiwanese Independence movement.

On 7 January, Ruby's studio released a statement saying that the issue of funding should not be defined as "supporting Taiwan's independence" from China, since the MOC fund has been implemented and subsidised many Taiwanese filming projects since 2006.

The studio also reiterated Ruby's support for peaceful coexistence between the two sides, adding that the actress has contributed a great deal to the entertainment industry and that the outside world should instead pay attention to her works from an objective perspective.

(Photo Source: Stand News)