The Royals Didn't Want Meghan Markle Saying One Specific Word on 'Suits' and Had It Removed

The Royals Didn't Want Meghan Markle Saying One Specific Word on 'Suits' and Had It Removed

Meghan Markle was still starring on her hit show Suits when she started dating Prince Harry, and...apparently the royal family had some, uh, notes about her dialogue on the show.

According to Suits'creator Aaron Korsh (during a chat with the Hollywood Reporter), the royals "weighed in on some stuff. Not many things, by the way, but a few things that we wanted to do and couldn’t do, and it was a little irritating."

He added that one particular line they insisted on being scrubbed included the word "poppycock." Which, truly, just:

"My wife’s family, when they have a topic to discuss that might be sensitive, they use the word, 'poppycock,'" Aaron explained. "Let’s say you wanted to do something that you knew your husband didn’t want to do, but you wanted to at least discuss it, and in just discussing it, you wouldn’t hold him to anything he said, you’d be like, 'It’s poppycock.' So, in the episode, Mike and Rachel were going to have a thing, and as a nod to my in-laws, we were going to have her say, 'My family would say poppycock.'"

According to Aaron, the "royal family did not want her saying the word. They didn’t want to put the word 'poppycock' in her mouth. I presume because they didn’t want people cutting things together of her saying 'cock.' So, we had to change it to 'bullshit' instead of 'poppycock,' and I did not like it because I’d told my in-laws that [poppycock] was going to be in the show. There was maybe one or two more things, but I can’t remember."

If you're wondering how the royals were even getting their hands on Suits scripts, Aaron is fully ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. "I don’t know how they got ’em," he said. "I was aware that they were reading them because I got the feedback, but I don’t remember the process by which they got them."


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