Royal Yacht International Your Next Advisor in Luxury Yachts Charters and Brokerage

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Despite the world’s economy being hit by the pandemic and the tourist industry suffering the worst losses in the wake of travel restrictions, some companies have come out winning. With the growing affinity for privacy, the wealthy choose private jets for travel and private yachts for leisure. For them, traveling in style and luxury has become synonymous with traveling in safety. Riding the wave of the swelling demand in the sector is Tommaso Chiabra’s Royal Yacht International. It has benefited immensely from the recent upswing in the market, having access to a vast inventory of over 1,400 charter yachts ranging in size from 70 to 500 feet long.

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The backdrop for RYI’s rise is the 45-percent uptick in demand for luxury yachts in the first three months of 2021 alone against the same period last year. The upswing has been fuelled mainly by first-time buyers. Those who can afford to travel in a protected bubble rushed to charter and buy yachts driven by the natural desire to control their environment.

Earlier this year, Royal Yacht International, headquartered in Monaco, was acclaimed as the industry leader, having booked €100 million in the first quarter in sales alone, an immense figure by industry standards. RYI treasures its clientele of wealthy professionals and individuals who wish to stay safe and enjoy a luxury yacht’s unique and exquisite comforts. In addition to being the best in finding the right yacht to purchase or charter, RYI also holds the record for shortest market exposure, from the moment of listing to the deal closing.

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Buying or chartering a dream yacht is just the beginning of the journey. RYI excels in organizing exclusive luxury adventure tours thanks to its in-depth knowledge of the best cruising destinations. The touring geography spans from sparkling icy Antarctica to the virgin beaches of Fiji, from Italy’s picturesque Amalfi coast to the wild Galapagos Islands, covering the most coveted must-see corners of the world.

RYI’s destination management team creates individual tours that will satisfy a client’s most discerning dreams. In addition, the yachts offered by RYI are provided with a vast collection of various water toys and equipment such as kayaks, SUPs, sea-bobs, jet skis, and dive gear that will turn any yacht charter into an activity fuelled adventure and all while exploring the most exotic places thanks to the expertise of their experienced Captains onboard together with the dedicated team at RYI.

In just over ten years, RYI has established a worldwide presence with offices in Florida, Canada, London, Spain, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, St. Barths, etc. In step with the growing acceptance of cryptocurrencies, RYI was the first yachting agency to accept bitcoin as payment for their services. The unique set of expertise in this highly specialized sector of luxury yacht charter and sales coupled with their network of offices in the world’s focal points and access to an elite selection of yachts for sale or charter, makes RYI the premier choice.

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