Royal baby is born and other top lifestyle news to know

Prince Harry of Great Britain and Meghan Duchess of Sussex, (l-r), graphic element on gray

By: Jade Yong

Stay up to date with the latest in Lifestyle, Fashion, Entertainment and Celebrity News. Here are your Top 5 of the Day:

  1. Royal baby is born

That’s right! England has a new royal and he arrived fresh out of the oven just yesterday evening, Singapore time. While the world celebrates the birth of a new bun, our hearts flutter with a collective “aww” as we notice the nod to Diana’s family in Prince Harry and Meghan’s announcement.

  1. Singaporean singer Willie Tay grateful for support after coming out

After Singer-songwriter Willie Tay came out as gay in his latest single Open Up Babe, he was then unceremoniously dropped by his Asian record label, who also deleted his social media account with 300,000 followers on Instagram. He has since spoken to Yahoo! Lifestyle Singapore about his ordeal and how he’s finding the silver lining.

  1. Celebrities are outrageous at the Met Gala 2019

As expected, our fave celebs deliver their most outrageous outfits and more, at this year’s Met Gala. The theme for this year was ‘Camp: Notes on Fashion’ which gave the perfect greenlight for the stars to be as loud and unapologetic as possible. We saw multiple over-the-top headgear, all manner of glitter and jewels, FOUR outfits from Lady Gaga, and even extras to add pomp to red carpet arrivals. Here’s the lowdown on our favourite outfits of the night.

  1. George Clooney celebrates Brunei Sultan’s U-turn

After Brunei announced the death penalty for those caught having homosexual sex, George Clooney led the charge in calling for boycotts on the Sultan’s businesses. This started the motion of other celebrities trumpeting the boycott, resulting in not only the Sultan’s luxury hotels feeling the heat, but Brunei’s tourism sector too.

  1. Female, and breaking through the digital world

Being female seeking success in the corporate world isn’t easy. Being an ambitious female in a corporate world, while pregnant, is even harder. So how did these ladies do it in breaking through gender-based boundaries, while encouraging diversity in the workplace, resulting in solid growth for the companies that they’re running?