Roxanne Tong is relieved people like her in "Forensic Heroes IV"

27 Feb – Roxanne Tong can now breathe a sigh of relief as the reception towards her performance in the TVB series, "Forensic Heroes IV" has been nothing but complimentary.

As reported on HK01, the actress who spoke to the media at the promotional event of the said series, stated that she was nervous about finally appearing in the subsequent episode after a successful premiere, as she went into the project within a short time and a small amount of preparation.

It is noted that Roxanne was brought in as a replacement to Jacqueline Wong during post-production following the former's forced hiatus due to her scandal with married singer Andy Hui.

"I was really worried that I didn't do well because of the short time frame for me to prepare for the drama. But I am happy everything has turned out well, though there is still room for improvement," she enthused.

Although viewers have been satisfied with her performance, the actress admitted that she still thinks she didn't lose enough weight before getting into the role.

"My weight loss plan wasn't a success because of the time constraint. I'd tried not to lose a lot so fast as it would affect my health," she said, adding light-heartedly that her shape seemed to change from one scene to another due to her own weight inconsistency.

(Photo Source: Hk01)