Rosario Dawson: 'Dating a top Senator is a big commitment'

Rosario Dawson: 'Dating a top Senator is a big commitment'

Rosario Dawson's life has been turned upside down now she's dating a top U.S. Senator and former presidential hopeful.

The actress admits she had to consider what life with Cory Booker would be like when they started dating - because no other boyfriend had to deal with death threats.

She has also never had romantic feelings for a politician.

"I've been going to foreign correspondence dinners since (George W) Bush was president, but I've never been blowing kisses to candidates at a debate," she tells WENN. "It's definitely quite a revelation. I'm grateful for all of the years in which I've spoken to voters and non-voters, but to have this sort of different perspective into politics has been really eye-opening.

"I've never experienced the severity that comes along with politics. The standards that politicians are held to are very, very different and that's true from the level of the toxicity from the trolls and the people you encounter to just the danger element - he's had a bomb sent to his office.

"It was definitely one of those things as I got into the relationship. I don't get to just cavalierly just fall in love with someone; I have to really consider things like I have a daughter and I've got a family and are we all willing to go down this path together."

But she insists Booker is worth it: "He's just the love of my life and we've all grown together and figured that out. We're conscious about the way we want to be loved and supportive of each other in the right way, even though it's been a really challenging year for the both of us with the intensity of doing a presidential campaign and me with juggling work, my daughter and then my dad being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last year."

Booker backed out of his 2020 presidential campaign on Monday (13Jan20) after struggling to raise enough funds to continue his run.

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