Roos Just Wanna Have Fun: Kangaroo Grapples With Bouncy Balls

A pair of suspended bouncing balls proved a real hit with the local kangaroos in Eden Park, Victoria, although one particularly enthusiastic roo might need “something stronger”, a local man concluded.

Video by Jason Simpson shows the highly enthused marsupial grappling with the swinging spheres.

“This kind of thing happens almost every day here and we love watching it,” Simpson told Storyful.

Simpson followed up the video with a Facebook post showing that the balls did not survive the kangaroos’ attentions.

“The looks on some of my roo mates’ faces this morning were priceless. I need to find something stronger than these balls,” Simpson joked. He asked on Facebook for ideas of what might be more suitable, and later said he had “two more up now”. It looks like the fun will continue. Credit: Jason Simpson via Storyful

Video transcript