Ronnie Liang is now a Master's degree holder

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29 Aug – A singer, actor, model, and later an Army Reservist and a licensed private pilot, Ronnie Liang recently added another achievement - a proud owner of a Master's Degree.

The "Sing Galing!" judge shared the good news on social media on 28 August with a photo of him in his graduation robe, writing, "After more than a year of burning the midnight candle, I graduated with a Master's Degree in Management, Major in National Security and Administration (MMNSA) from the Philippine Christian University (PCU)."

"From my perspective as an artiste, I realised that obtaining a higher education is an empowering tool that will provide us with many opportunities. It amplifies our self-worth and dignity because it gives us a sense of pride. It also bestows us with sophisticated language that saves us from being underestimated. It is also like a torchlight to another career path or a foothold to reach high places because people respect the knowledge and the knowledgeable."

Ronnie said that while being a singer is his first love, and becoming a commercial pilot has been a childhood dream, having a Master's degree is a "stronger safety net" in life, as one does not know what will happen next in one's life.

Ronnie studies at the Philippine Christian University
Ronnie studies at the Philippine Christian University

(Photo Source: Ronnie Liang Instagram)