Romania to continue supporting Ukraine despite war fatigue, says PM Ciolacu

Prime Minister of Romania Marcel Čolaku in Kyiv, October 18, 2023
Prime Minister of Romania Marcel Čolaku in Kyiv, October 18, 2023

The Romanian goverment will maintain its “multifaceted” support for Ukraine even as European allies show signs of war fatigue, according to Romanian PM Marcel Ciolacu on Nov. 7.

Ciolacu underscored the importance of steadfast support for Kyiv, warning that failure to do so may empower European populists and enable Russian dictator Vladimir Putin’s victory.

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“Romania will continue to help Ukraine regardless of the political costs as they are of lesser significance than the precedent that would be set by a Russian victory,” Ciolacu said.

“Can you imagine how many Putin lookalikes we would get among certain populist European politicians?”

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Previously, Romanian President Klaus Iohannis pledged to urge leaders of the European Union to initiate negotiations for the accession of Ukraine and Moldova by the end of 2023.

During a joint press conference with Ukrainian counterpart Denis Shmyhal in Kyiv on Oct. 18, Ciolacu announced that Romania and Ukraine would adopt a “new approach” to prevent Russian attacks on Ukraine’s strategic infrastructure along the border with Romania.

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