Rockstar Games Drops The Official ‘GTA 6’ Trailer: New Characters, Bigger Vice City And More

gta 6 official trailer
gta 6 official trailer

After almost ten years, Rockstar Games has finally dropped the official GTA 6 trailer, the next instalment from their critically acclaimed open-world Grand Theft Auto role-playing game series. This comes after the clip was leaked onto social media ahead of schedule.

Amid guns blazing and screeching tyres, longtime fans of one of the gaming industry’s most prolific franchises can finally rest assured that GTA VI will live up to the exceedingly high benchmark that was set by its prodigious predecessor, GTA V, which has often been lauded as being one of the most well-crafted and immersive open worlds ever created. For one, if we were to assume that the trailer was created using in-game footage, the graphical prowess it promises borders on photorealism and will potentially push the envelope for virtual environments to even greater horizons than ever before.

While the clip may only span a minute and 30 seconds, Rockstar Games has managed to squeeze in several key details that will grant audiences greater insight into the upcoming game. As expected, GTA 6 will continue to take after other titles in the GTA franchise by being an open-world game, that much we know to be true. But here’s everything else there is to glean from the trailer.

What we know about the official ‘GTA 6′ trailer

Who are the leading characters in ‘GTA 6′?

screenshot of gta vi protagonist lucia during a conversation in an orange prison jumpsuit
Image credit: Rockstar Games
a screenshot of gta vi protagonist lucia looking away from a window
Image credit: Rockstar Games

As opposed to its roster of strictly male protagonists from before, we can now confirm that the Grand Theft Auto series will introduce its first female POC main character, now known only as Lucia. This comes after much speculation within gaming circles alleged that Rockstar Games was looking into fleshing out a couple to lead the GTA 6 narrative, with a story ostensibly inspired by the criminal lovebirds of old, Bonnie and Clyde.

screenshot of an unnamed male character from gta vi driving a car
Image credit: Rockstar Games
a photo of two characters from gta vi with faces covered with bandanas robbing a store
Image credit: Rockstar Games

Given that fact, Lucia and her boyfriend, who at this point remains unnamed, will likely be the playable protagonist characters in GTA 6. From their interactions, one could infer that the general tangent that the new GTA 6 game would take in terms of its story would be a rags-to-riches tale.

Where will GTA VI be set in? 

a photo of the vice city marquee from gta vi
Image credit: Rockstar Games

Sun-drenched beaches with clear blue skies, one may be led to believe that GTA VI could potentially take after GTA V and play out on the fictional island of Los Santos, the franchise’s interpretation of Los Angeles. However, upon closer inspection, loyal buffs of the franchise will immediately recognise a few dead giveaways that the game will transport players into another long-awaited legacy locale: Vice City.

a screenshot of the vice city beach
Image credit: Rockstar Games
a screenshot of people walking through vice city beach from gta vi
Image credit: Rockstar Games

Meant to mimic Miami and by extension, the sunny state of Florida, Vice City was previously the setting for the namesake Grand Theft Auto: Vice City video game, which was the fourth main entry in the series. This is consistent with whispers echoing in the rumour mill that Rockstar will be revisiting one of their previous game worlds, with Vice City ranking high on many fan wishlists.

a nighttime aerial view of vice city from gta vi
Image credit: Rockstar Games
a screenshot of flamingoes taking flight
Image credit: Rockstar Games

As is the case with its real-life counterpart, expect plenty of wet marshes, pristine boardwalks, and of course, Baywatch-approved beaches as you traverse your way across what appears to be an incredibly varied and densely populated version of Vice City set in present-day.

a photo of a middle aged woman in a nightgown holding two hammers
Image credit: Rockstar Games

Interactions with locals are likely to become a key highlight of the gaming experience as well, when one considers the number of unhinged snippets that were also included in the game’s trailer, from a skimpily-clad bodybuilder watering his lawn in budgie smugglers to a deranged woman standing guard in a nightgown armed with hammers.


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What is the ‘GTA 6′ release date?

a screenshot of the vice city boardwalk from gta vi
Image credit: Rockstar Games

Here’s the million-dollar question: when can we finally get our hands on GTA VI? Well, if the end of the trailer is to be believed, Rockstar Games is prepared to release the game by 2025. If so, this would mean that the game has officially been in production for a full decade, which is a considerably longer gestation period in comparison to the five-odd years it took to create GTA V.

But of course, that release date is still subject to change depending on whether development timelines can be met accordingly. Which in turn, gives gamers plenty of time to save up for their next PC or console upgrade in anticipation for one of gaming’s most coveted new titles. Judging from the sheer graphical prowess GTA VI is expected to bring, a beefy setup will be a necessity.

Watch the official ‘GTA 6’ trailer below:

Feature and hero image credit: Rockstar Games

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