The Rock brands the Facebook scam artists who are using his name 'real pieces of s**t'

Ben Arnold
Dwayne Johnson (Credit: Getty)

Dwayne Johnson has warned fans that scam artists on Facebook are using his name for online extortion schemes.

The schemes reportedly promise cash and cars in return for sending in money, but The Rock has asked fans to ‘be vigilant’ and not fall for the scams.

In an angry post on his Instagram page, he assured the scammers that ‘the feds’ are now involved.

“Sorry if you’ve been affected by these fake @facebook accounts asking for $$ or worse yet, actually engaged with them enough to send money in,” he captioned.

“Hey I get it, sometimes when we’re broke and struggling to make ends meet, the promise of a fast buck can be appealing.

“It’s hard to mitigate these a**holes, because they pop up by the dozens daily hoping to prey on the ones who’ve fallen on hard times.

“Be smart, vigilant and don’t engage.”

Who’d risk tussling with The Rock, we’re honestly not sure.

He’s currently off filming Disney movie Jungle Cruise, with British stars Emily Blunt and Jack Whitehall.

Here he is with a slightly petrified-looking Whitehall and a massive snake.

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