Rocco Nacino makes money through online gaming

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1 Jun– Not wanting to fall victim of anxiety due to the lack of work during the pandemic, Rocco Nacino stated that he has found his release in the form of online gaming.

As reported on Manila Bulletin, the actor who spoke about his new project stated that he decided to apply for monetisation of his streamed gameplay, which is how he is making money - no matter how small the amount is.

Asked if he is any good at online gaming, Nacino laughed and said he now realised that there are a lot of better gamers from the Philippines.

"So many Asian countries admire Pinoy gamers. Filipinos really get into the game, and they enjoy it. The competitive spirit of the Pinoy is playing out," he said, adding that it was nice to not be good at something for once.

"Because of this, you want to learn. It seems like school time again. I have something to look forward to every day," he added.

As to whether he misses his acting work, Nacino stated that it is more important to ensure that everything is safe before work can start no matter how much he misses it.

(Photo Source: Rocco Nacino Instagram)

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