Robin Padilla admits more changes to Marawi project

25 Apr – It looks like Robin Padilla isn't going to top bill his passion project, "Children of the Lake" after all.

As reported on Inquirer, the actor, who has been working on the Marawi project since last year, shared that he is considering focusing only as director Joyce Bernal's "technical advisers" and let the younger cast members shine instead.

"I want this movie to focus on our young actors. When the soldiers we interviewed retold their stories, we realised that there was no hero similar to my age. The heroes were all young," he said.

If he is still to play a role in the movie, Padilla said that he would agree to play one of the older generals.

Padilla also admitted that there has been a lot of changes since they started, which prompted their original pick of a director Sheron Dayoc to leave the project late last year.

"We don't share the same vision for the film," he said, adding that he didn't want the movie to be as sad as Dayoc imagined it.

"A lot of young heroes emerged from that experience. I was the one who thought of the project, so I think my point of view should be the one followed. But Sheron and I are okay. We respect each other's views," he said.

(Photo Source: Phil News)