Robi Domingo fears for medical frontliner parents

Heidi Hsia
·1-min read

11 Aug – As much as he is proud of his parents for being medical frontliners, Robi Domingo admitted that he is also extremely concerned over their own safety every time they go to work.

As reported on ABS-CBN News, the actor who spoke about being a child of doctors on "Love from Home Lockdown", stated that the pandemic became "personal" to him due to his parents' profession, adding that he had to battle his fear every time they go out to treat patients - especially since they are senior citizens themselves.

"If they go home and - knock on wood - my brother and I get the virus, I mean I could survive. But you know, having them as seniors and having them as frontliners... that makes me so proud, but intertwined with that feeling is the sensibility and that fear," he explained.

Domingo also stated that he has had conversations with a lot of frontliners whom he is friends with, who mostly acknowledged that this was something that they have signed up for no matter how risky and tiring it is.

"It may be hard, I would do conference calls with them, I would call them, they would just cry. But at the end of the day, they have to wipe their tears and they have to fulfil their duties as doctors. And for that one, I'm just really, really proud to call them my friends," he said.

(Photo Source: Robi Domingo Instagram)