What is Robbie Williams' relationship with Guy Chambers like now?

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Later this week on 8th November, Robbie Williams' highly anticipated Netflix documentary Robbie Williams is set to drop, and we could not be more excited. The four-part series is expected to cover the highs and lows of Robbie's career, his mental health journey and moments from his personal life.

As part of the documentary we're hoping to find out more about the process of how Robbie made some of his most iconic music (yes 'Angels' is on repeat right now), including his musical partnership with Guy Chambers.

Robbie and Guy collaborated on some of Robbie's most well known singles from 'Angels' to 'Rock DJ' to 'Feel'. However, they stopped working together in 2002 and later reunited a decade later.

So what happened with Robbie and Guy? And what is their working relationship like now?

When did Robbie Williams and Guy Chambers work together?

Following Robbie Williams' departure from Take That, he pursued a solo career and began working with Guy Chambers on his debut solo album Life thru a Lens in 1997. Guy, now 60, is a songwriter, producer and musician who at that point had been part of his own band The Lemon Trees before the band disbanded in 1995.

Robbie and Guy worked together to write Robbie's next four albums: I've Been Expecting You, Sing When You're Winning, Swing When You're Winning and Escapology. These albums included the singles 'Feel', 'Eternity', 'Kids', 'Rock DJ' and of course 'Angels'.

However, after five years of working together the pair abruptly stopped their professional relationship in 2002 after they alleged clashed over a deal with Robbie's label EMI.

robbie williams guy chambers now
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What is Robbie and Guy's relationship like now?

Following their friendship breakup, three years later Robbie reportedly said the pair had patched things up. He's quoted by the Daily Star as saying at a press conference in 2005: "Me and Guy are friends again. We speak now and will be working together in the future, you'll all be pleased to hear."

Despite patching things up the pair were then said to have fallen out later after Robbie was allegedly upset to hear Guy had been working with Gary Barlow and Mark Owen on the TV show Britannia High, and the two stopped writing sessions again.

But this was not the end of Robbie and Guy's friendship as they repaired things again and began working together in 2012 on Robbie's album Swing Both Ways. Since then they've worked together on a number of albums and appear to be on good terms.

They follow each other on Instagram and Guy has even posted about Robbie's new documentary calling it the "definite RW documentary", adding, "[The documentary] is a very honest look back at his extraordinary career and our friendship. It was a creative meeting when we were both at turning points in our careers and shows the journey that the two of us went on from the early excitement of writing 'Angels' thru to the challenges of touring and the tension recording Escapology."

Later, he shared two photos of the duo together on his grid, with a caption which read, "The @robbiewilliams documentary is out on @netflix tomorrow. It paints a really in depth portrait of our friendship and I’m excited for you all to see it."

Robbie Williams is available on Netflix now

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