River Hongbao 2021: Amazing Lanterns, Exhibitions, Festive Performances And More

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The very much anticipated River Hongbao is back to bring upon festive cheer for Chinese New Year. While events and activities may be different for this time around, you can still expect exciting performances and displays for River Hongbao 2021.

Even with safety measures in place, you can still view the many beautiful lantern installations at River Hongbao. There are also some fantastic pre-recorded performances that you can’t miss out.

So if you’ve been excited about this for a while, here’s your chance to register and experience the magic.

River Hongbao 2021: All You Need To Know About

Image source: River Hongbao website

Instead of the usual location at Marina Bay, this year’s River Hongbao will be held at Gardens by the Bay. The entire event is set up from the Supertree Grove to The Meadows.

River Hongbao this year will be open to the public from 10 to 16 February and you can start to visit from 2pm onwards.

In order to ensure the safety of their visitors, River Hongbao will be requiring them to book a visiting timeslot online at their official website. You can choose to either visit during the day or night and each slot will allow a maximum of 2,000 individuals. Daytime slots are worth 90 minutes while nighttime gives visitors 120 minutes to enjoy the event.

For more information on online registration, you can check here.

River Hongbao 2021: What To Expect For This Year’s Festivities

1. Illuminating Lanterns: Picturesque Festive Installations

Image source: River Hongbao website

One of the exciting parts of the River Hongbao event is their structured lanterns and light displays. They can easily brighten up the entire island. You’ll be happy to know that this year won’t be any different. You’ll notice a number of colourful and magical lantern installations that your entire family can enjoy.

This time around you can expect a few additions. A blooming entrance walkway, a larger than life God of Fortune, Spring Blossoms for the arrival of the blooming season is being set up. Plus, a beautifully lit up Charming Lady, a Melody of Spring will be accompanied by fitting music and a whimsical Colourful World.

You will also get to see a Happy Family reunion very much like your own, the vibrant Purple Fantasy and a Blooming Peacock that combines lights, holograms as well as shrubbery.

Make sure to have a camera along with you to snap pictures with the kids to commemorate your visit!

2. Wishing Well: Make A Wish For The New Year

river hongbao 2021
river hongbao 2021

Image source: River Hongbao website

Once you reach the 12 Zodiac Bumper Harvest part of the event, you can drop a wish at their wishing well. It is placed right beside the ox lantern for a prosperous “niu” year. You can seek blessings and make well wishes for yourself and for your loved ones.

Not only that, but your wish will also benefit those in need. All the proceeds collected from their wishing well will be donated to Care for the Elderly Foundation (Singapore) and Support Home Care for our Elderly.

You may also make your wish and generous donation through PlayNow QR code which can be found here.

3. Lion Dance: A Blast From The Past Exhibition

river hongbao 2021
river hongbao 2021

Image source: River Hongbao website

It may be tougher this year-round to catch a lion dance performance compared to past festivities. But you can still add the traditional dance to your Lunar New Year celebrations. The River Hongbao has prepared an exhibition for this year’s event that shows the artefacts of the performance that date back to the 1950s.

This exhibition includes curated lion dance selections from private collectors and organisations. It will highlight the importance and symbolism of the traditional performance. It will also explain the meaning behind the colours and design of the lion head.

4. Nightly Screenings: Amazing Pre-Recorded Performances

river hongbao 2021
river hongbao 2021

Image source: River Hongbao website

Due to safe management measures, there won’t be any live performances this year for River Hongbao.

But worry not for you still get to catch their amazing pre-recorded performance through their nighttime screenings which you can watch by tuning in to the live stream at their official Facebook page.

For this year’s lineup, you can expect to see the usual crowd favourite performances like the Getai Night. You will also be able to spot brand new segments, such as the Joys of Spring. The latter is being presented by Singapore Press Holdings’ Chinese Media Group as well as the Xinyao Night.

Ring in the new year with your favourite Singaporean Mandopop classics and don’t miss out on these fantastic, exciting performances!


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