Rising Model Latasha Harris Expands Her Horizons

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Model Latasha Harris has managed to build a credible name for herself in the modeling industry for the past few years, having booked impressive projects with big names such as Cover Girl, Heidi Klum Intimates, and Skims, among others. Over the years, she has developed a special set of skills that allow her to connect and converse with people easily, regardless of their background. Armed with her charm, profound perspective of the world, and special skills in communication and sales, Latasha is taking her career a step further by venturing into an industry that is considered to be one of the most competitive and highly promising nowadays—real estate.

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Apart from being a successful model, Latasha also has an extensive background working in the medical and health field. She finished a Bachelor in Science degree from Towson University. She has worked in several hospital departments in the past catering to oncology patients, long-term care, and medical-surgical patients.

Her experience in this area contributed greatly in helping her mature as a professional, sharpening her set of skills, which taught her to be competent, sensitive to the needs of others, and responsible. Her priceless experience in this area allowed her to develop her leadership qualities, making her a promising potential in any field of her choosing.

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Latasha is confident that as she transitions into building a productive career as a realtor, she will be expanding her network, work experience, and abilities. As a model, she has successfully learned how to deal with rejection, negotiate, build relationships, and gauge people—attributes that will come in very handy in her real estate stint.

The Los Angeles-based model discovered the potentials of the real estate industry through her connections as a model. As a licensed realtor in LA, she is committed to giving her clients a smooth real estate experience and helping them reach their goals.

Negotiating for the best deals is something that she is good at, and she wants nothing less than pursuing the best opportunities there are in the market for all of her clients. She believes that building a respectable reputation in this industry necessitates maintaining a trustworthy image, and it is for this very reason that she always pursues excellence in all of her business transactions.

As a daughter of a veteran, Latasha has had the opportunity to live in different locations as a young girl. This experience allowed her to become adaptable and have a deeper appreciation of a home. She knows what it is like to be looking for a comfortable place to build new memories in, to grow, and find security. These are also some of her dreams for her clients, especially those who are looking at properties that have the potential to be their permanent home.

Whether clients are looking for a way to sell their property, buy a new one, need help in marketing their home, looking for expert advice, or simply need someone to negotiate for them, Latasha is up to the challenge.

She is well-equipped to handle even the toughest negotiators in the area, and she is determined to come out on the winning end of it. Known for her exceptional track record no matter what industry she is in, there is no doubt that she will be successful in the real estate sector.

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