Rihanna and A$AP Rocky’s Second Son’s Name Has Been Revealed a Month After His Birth

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky’s Second Son’s Name Has Been Revealed a Month After His Birth

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky were able to keep the name of their first son, RZA, hidden for almost a year before an outlet obtained his birth certificate. The couple confirmed the news shortly after on Instagram. This time, The Blast got a copy of Rihanna and A$AP Rocky’s birth certificate for their second child much sooner: five weeks after his birth.

Rihanna and Rocky named their youngest baby boy Riot Rose Mayers, keeping with the “R” name theme. His older brother is RZA Athelston Mayers. Notably, Rocky released a song called “Riot” earlier this year. The track’s lyrics even sparked speculation he and Rihanna could be secretly married.

The parents have yet to disclose what led them to choose Riot as their son’s name though or address the news.

Riot is a Leo, born on August 1, 2023 in Los Angeles at 7:41 A.M. (His rising sign is Leo too, and his moon sign is Aquarius, for those astrologically curious.) His birth was initially reported by TMZ to be August 3. Notably, Rihanna’s OB-GYN listed on the certificate, Thais Aliabadi, is famous for also working with Khloé Kardashian and Kylie Jenner.

Rihanna and Rocky haven’t yet commented on their son’s birth. A source did briefly address the new parents’ feelings to People though on August 22.

“Rihanna feels her family is now complete,” the source said, adding that being a parent to two children, “it’s something she’s always wanted.”

On August 24, a source told Entertainment Tonight that Rihanna and Rocky plan to focus on their family immediately after their son’s arrival.

Rihanna and A$AP will spend the early days of parenthood out of the public eye and won’t make any immediate plans to debut the new baby,” the source said. The insider added that the eventual announcement could be linked to Rihanna’s Clara Lionel Foundation, be it through an Instagram post or her sharing the news at its annual gala.

“Rihanna and A$AP are great right now,” the source said of their headspace. “They’re so excited to grow their family and are so united when it comes to parenting. They have so much fun together and are very in love. They already shared a special connection and parenting together has made their bond even stronger.”

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