Rick Owens unimpressed by Riccardo Tisci and Hedi Slimane's 'bourgeois' fashion

Rick Owens

Rick Owens has voiced his disappointment at designers including Riccardo Tisci and Hedi Slimane for pushing "bourgeois" fashion trends.

The veteran American designer was recently "stunned" to see sensible clothes being advertised to the younger generation by luxury labels and told New York Magazine that his goth glam aesthetic is being rejected.

"What's interesting now is that whole bourgeois thing, which Riccardo Tisci started doing at Burberry and Hedi Slimane is doing at Celine," Owens explained, before sharing his disgust at a huge Celine billboard in the Place de la Concorde in Paris that featured a model dressed in "a pleated tweed culotte skirt and a Peter Pan collar trimmed in lace, pearls or something".

"I know that it's supposed to be provocative, and it is, because it kind of stuns me every time I see it," he confessed. "That this sensibility is aspirational for a young audience that never really experienced that, I suppose? All of their parents are wearing my clothes!"

Owens added: "I can see how that generation is reacting against me. I take it very personally. With a giggle."

Despite voicing his concerns with the style of luxury labels in the fashion industry, the designer noted that he's a huge fan of Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen's chic brand, The Row.

"They've really maintained a consistently pure aesthetic that I'm always going to look at. It's the antithesis of all the other runway shows in New York. I admire what they're doing," Owens revealed, noting that he also appreciates Chris Peters's label, CDLM. "I liked what I saw that they were doing."

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