Richard E. Grant commissions sculpture of idol Barbra Streisand

Richard E. Grant with his new Barbra Streisand sculpture. Image: Twitter - @RichardEGrant

Richard E. Grant has taken his obsession with Barbra Streisand to a new level by commissioning a sculpture of his heroine's head.

The British actor took to Twitter on Thursday to share a video of himself posing beside the artwork in his garden.

He added the caption: "Commisioned a sculpture of @BarbraStreisand as I’ve been an avid fan for over half a century. It’s 2 foot tall and finally received it today!!"

The Can You Ever Forgive Me? star made it clear he's a massive Streisand fan in the run-up to the 2019 Oscars, explaining he had sent her a fan letter, inviting her to come and stay with him in Swaziland, when he was a smitten young boy.

During the Academy Awards promotional campaign, he even drove up the California coast to the singer's home and posed for a picture by her gated entrance, which he posted online.

Barbra responded to his social media posts and 'replied' to the letter he wrote her over 40 years ago.

She tweeted: "Dear Richard What a wonderful letter you wrote me when u were 14! and look at u now! You're terrific in your latest movie with Melissa (McCarthy) congratulations and love Barbra (sic)."

In July, he shared a picture of himself and Streisand together at the Academy Awards prior to her show in London, and added: "For the past 50 years I have avidly and devotedly followed the uniquely talented Human Being called ⁦@BarbraStreisand⁩ and am counting down the hours till I see her tomorrow evening in Hyde Park."

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