Rica Peralejo traumatised by son's recent injury

Heidi Hsia

2 Jul – Rica Peralejo recently revealed that she had to rush her son Manu to the ER after he injured himself at home causing him to bleed profusely on his hand.


On 30 June, the actress shared a video of her taking care of her boys and wrote, "Yesterday 007 Rushing to the ER. It would have been a normal day, just like any other day, if only my little boy didn't fall from where he was standing."



Peralejo stated that Manu tried to break the fall by grabbing onto the oven, but that the stainless steel slit through the skin and flesh of his middle and ring fingers.



"He was bleeding profusely and it was very disorienting to see that much blood gushing out from my son's hand. It dripped on the floor, stained the sink, soaked the towel. When he was gauzed up by the nurse at the reception of the ER, it only took a while before the white mesh blotted crimson," she wrote.



The actress also stated that she was so disoriented by the incident that she could not even remember his name or his birth date when asked.



"It was so hard to gather my thoughts and keep them all in one place. All I could think of was how much I needed them to see my son and treat him and save him. Apparently, this is normal for some mums. Stitches and burns, ER runs. I was comforted for a while but then I became afraid again. What kind of mum wants this to be the norm?"



Peralejo stated that they were able to return home after nine hours in the hospital, and that it took her two days to get back some sense of normalcy in her life.



"All I could do since Friday was hold my baby and cry from time to time. There were people who prayed for us, who knew about what happened. Those who saw me say sorry I wouldn't be able to join the homeschooling conversation with @educatingforlife.co because I was in the ER, also sent messages of concern and prayers. Thank you to all of you," she wrote.



The actress also assured that Manu is doing well, adding jokingly "even better than his parents".



(Photo Source: Rica Peralejo Instagram)