Revolve Taps Bolt to Help Drive Online Conversions

Bolt, the one-click checkout provider with a network of millions of shoppers, recently released a case study about Revolve using its solution. The retailer’s goal was to streamline the checkout process and drive conversions.

Bolt and Revolve conducted an A/B test on the retailer’s site earlier this year. Using Bolt, Revolve embedded “a native one-click shopping experience that maintains their existing checkout and branding while still expediting the customer journey,” the case study noted. “Once a shopper was automatically recognized and entered a secure, one-time password, all of their account information, from shipping to billing details, was populated within the checkout. This eliminated redirects and additional steps, providing a seamless and efficient checkout process for the customer.”

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The test results showed the group of shoppers using Bolt drove higher sales (a 4 percent increase) as compared to the control group. Bolt said there was a 3.2 percent overall e-commerce conversion and a whopping 30 percent increase in conversion for mobile Bolt account holders versus guest shoppers.

“Moreover, the implementation of Bolt was efficient and straightforward,” the case study’s authors said. “Revolve only needed one team member to implement Bolt, demonstrating the platform’s ease of integration and user-friendly design.”

Revolve said in the case study when it comes to its customer experience, “our primary focus is to deliver unparalleled speed and convenience from browsing the site to checking out swiftly and receiving the product in hand fast. Not only does our accelerated checkout seamlessly align with our objective of providing efficient service, but the integration process with Bolt has further reinforced this commitment.”

The retailer said integrating Bolt “was a remarkably smooth and swift endeavor, requiring minimal effort and allowing us to prioritize our other ongoing initiatives without skipping a beat.”

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