Revolution comes to Pardam in 'Mesmer' trailer

"Mesmer" lets players navigate the city of Pardam, encouraging citizens to build a better life together

The charming 'Teslagrad' universe is expanding by one, with a concept trailer for 'Mesmer' offering a look at a beautiful city's five competing factions.

Pardam, the Jewel of the old world, is about to undergo big changes.

The king has got the wrong idea about how to keep everyone happy and has turned the city into a police state.

But just as he does not trust the people, neither do the people trust him.

Five groups in particular are hatching plans for a revolution against the cruel, overly-controlling despot, the player choosing to steer one faction leader through the necessary steps to mount a successful transfer of power.

Norwegian studio Rain Games debuted with inventive puzzle action game "Teslagrad" in 2013, and followed up with a more adventure-oriented "World to the West" in 2017.

Now that both "Teslagrad" and "World to the West" are available across a range of current-generation gaming platforms -- PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC -- "Mesmer" is being prepared for release.

Despite its appearance as a city-based choice and consequence adventure, Rain says that "Mesmer" is actually inspired by board games, and is planning to show "Mesmer" more fully at San Francisco's Game Developers Conference, March 19-23, meaning that further public glimpses are likely to follow in due course.