Review: I tried the amazing non-surgical facelift treatment that Singaporean celebrities can't get enough of

Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images

It’s the year-end and you want to look fabulous for a party. How do celebrities attain flawless red-carpet skin in no time? They get some help from their aesthetic doctors, with some results reporting little to no downtime as they emerge photo-ready the next day. For this assignment, I’ve decided to put my virgin skin to my first facial lift, by trying out the GoGlow Face Therapy, at Ageless Medical, a treatment that’s known be popular among the local celebrities here in Singapore (celeb hair stylist David Gan and actress Rebecca Lim are friends of the clinic, amongst others).

At my first consultation, I was briefed by medical director Dr. Lam Bee Lan that this therapy uses a combination of LDM-Med, Local Dynamic Micro Massage; as well as Excel V laser to get the best results that I want. Before my first facialift, I asked myself, what are the concerns that I would like my therapist or aesthetic doctor to address? For me, personally it was my under eye dark circles, and not so much of my freckles or pigmentation, as I find that a sign of healthy skin. Dr Lam advised that it is alright to reduce blemishes, and in one session, she is able to also reduce my under eye dark circles too, but for the future, I may want to consider fillers. One step at a time, I agreed.

So we head into one of the rooms, where I laid down comfortably and my therapist began a routine cleansing followed by the microdermabrasion treatment just to remove any surface impurities. A round-tipped tool that was attached to a suction machine was used to suck out additional grime from my skin. Then, she slathered on some cooling numbing cream all over my face, and placed an eye shield to protect my eyes from the laser rays. Using the LDM-Med machine, which emits advanced dual-frequency ultrasound waves, the therapist glides a tool on the left side of my face in an upwards motion. The waves penetrates different layers of our skin, to stimulate the collagen production and helps the internal production of hyaluronic acid. It also gets absorbed in the upper skin layer and has a positive impact on skin skin’s reparative functions to help soothe skin inflammation and prevent scar formation.

After the left side of my face was done, I was given a mirror to compare both sides of my face and noticed an instant brightening effect, as well as an uplift near the sides of my jawline. I was impressed! The session then continued on the right side of my face. I did not feel any pain so it does help to have the numbing cream.

LDM treatment. (Photo: Ageless Medical)
LDM treatment. (Photo: Ageless Medical)

For the Excel V session, Dr. Lam took over as the therapist prepared the machine. The laser combines two laser wavelengths in one device, to treat a wide range of vascular and benign pigmented lesions. By combining two laser treatments, putting it simply, is to gain an overall radiance on your face while tightening skin, lightening blemishes and pigmentation and even treating acne and skin inflammation. A second round of numbing cream is applied as the lasers may have a more tingling sensation. I did feel some tinge of pain, but if you ask me on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being extremely painful, I would say about 4 (I do have a high tolerance of pain).

Dr. Lam used the tool to beam the lasers directly on the areas of concern, especially my under eye dark circles and the pigmentation on my cheeks. And she was careful to check in on my state, if I was comfortable and to raise concerns especially if there was pain. The session ended and after about 30 minutes in, I could feel like my face was pulsating, almost to a feeling of having a round balloon face (I can’t quite pinpoint this feeling). There was some initial redness, but after the one-hour treatment, there was indeed no downtime – the results was instantaneous, with a glow, definitely uplift at my jawline, giving my face a prominent shape and no sagging skin as well as reduced under eye dark circles!

The GoGlow Therapy works wonders if you’re looking for that instant radiance before a major event, and I got to debut my look the next night at Female Magazine party. While the first session gives you that instant result, a few session ensures further improvement on skin rejuvenation and minimising pigmentation.

For aftercare, Dr. Lam advised to reduce outdoor activities one week before and after the session to protect skin from the harsh skin rays. “No suntanning on the beach and to always use sunblock,” she added.

Would I recommend a facelift to anyone? Sure, depending on your needs and concerns. It definitely is an investment to upkeep but the results speak for themselves.

The GoGlow Therapy is an hour treatment available at Ageless Medical, Wheelock Place for SGD800.


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