Review: We built this sold-out Lego Dragon Dance set just in time for CNY

Reta Lee
Editor-in-Chief, Lifestyle
Review: We built this sold-out Lego Dragon Dance set just in time for CNY
The sold-out Lego Dragon Dance set

When word got out that Lego was releasing two Chinese New Year-themed sets we were elated; but before we could get our hands on it, the sets flew off the shelves. We’re not surprised; the two sets here feature iconic traditions commonly seen during Lunar New Year celebrations, namely the dragon dance and families gathering around for reunion dinner. How cute!

We reached out to Lego for some sample sets to build and they’ve managed to deliver us this Lego Dragon Dance set for us to build. This set features a buildable dragon with an opening mouth, posable tail and even a dragon ball on a stick. When you turn the handle, you can create your own dragon dance routine, while beatboxing to your own Chinese New Year tunes (this is optional). This Dragon Dance set also includes a team of four dragon dancers, with a special mini figure dressed as a pig celebrating the coming Chinese New Year of the Pig. This set retails at SGD84.90.

We roped in a few of our colleagues to create this set, and some of our initial thoughts were, ‘Do you remember that feel-good feeling as a kid when you build your first set?’ to ‘Oh My God, these pieces are tiny, I’m afraid of losing them!’ It’s true when you’re building sets with your colleagues, friends or family members; there’s a sense of bonding over making tiny mechanisms work instead of mindless scrolling over your smartphones. I found out that a colleague had actually applied to Lego five times but he didn’t make the cut! I also remembered stepping over Lego bricks countless times when I was a kid and my mum screaming at me to put them away. Ah, good times!

Watch the video of our time-lapse build and share with us what you think!


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