Retrieving recipes from TikTok just got easier

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The video for 'Rainbow Jean Onigirazu' from The Korean Vegan account is popular on TikTok.

On TikTok, videos that show how to cook a recipe are very popular. The dishes shown are often quick, simple and tasty. But it is sometimes difficult to remember all the ingredients used in a more complicated recipe. A demand that the Chinese-based platform is exploiting by partnering with Whisk, a cooking recipe application, by offering a new feature. Users can now have access to the complete recipe thanks to a new button on some videos.

Some TikTok users have discovered a new feature on some of the cooking videos. Only visible using the mobile application (and not via the web version), a new green button with "See full recipe" written on it is displayed on some videos. The " thekoreanvegan " account displays this new feature on its latest videos.

This option allows users of the platform to have access to the complete list of ingredients used in the video concerned. By clicking on the "See full recipe" button, a new page is displayed with the quantities used for each ingredient, with a score out of 10 according to the nutritional quality of the recipe. It is even possible to save the recipe on the Whisk application. This is a good way for Whisk to attract new users since to save the recipe, you need to have an account on its platform.

According to information reported by TechCrunch, this new feature is still in the testing phase. This partnership between TikTok and Whisk was first proposed to the creators of top-trending content in the "Food" sphere of social networking. Joanne L. Molinaro, behind The Korean Vegan account, has more than 1.9 million subscribers on its TikTok page.

On TikTok, cooking recipes are a growing trend followed by millions of users. Recently, the recipe combining pasta, cherry tomatoes and feta made buzz both on and off the platform after accumulating some 390 million views with the hashtag "#FetaPasta."

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