Restaurants and Bars in Singapore: New Menus and Openings in 2022

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What’s cooking in Singapore’s vibrant F&B scene? We’ve rounded up the exciting new openings as well as new menu launches at some of our favourite restaurants and bars in Singapore.

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New Menus, Restaurants and Bars This May

Restaurants and Bars in Singapore: New Menus and Openings in 2022
Restaurants and Bars in Singapore: New Menus and Openings in 2022


The award-winning progressive Indian grill on Tras Street has unveiled its fifth menu and we loved it. While most of the authentic signature ingredients remain, Revolver takes regional influences and showcases a new menu with interesting spice profiles, sauces, and more.

We tried their Dinner Experience Menu which is priced at $199++ and absolutely loved their Stuffed Corgette, Tomato Pickle which you do not find at other progressive Indian restaurants in Singapore. Their fresh paneer is flown in from Delhi and it is just soft; what paneer should actually taste like. We were most impressed by their Pulled Brisket, Kerala Pepper Rice which was packed with spices and flavours just bursting through. The Parmesan Kulchette with Fenugreek and Potatoes were very comforting flavours although we were really stuffed by the end of our meal.

For dessert, even those without a sweet tooth may enjoy their spin on the Indian dessert Rasmalai, flavoured with mango and cardamom.

Revolver has a different lunch menu and also a menu for vegetarians. We highly suggest you make your reservations in advance as we cannot wait to taste their next menu.

Restaurants and Bars in Singapore: New Menus and Openings in 2022
Restaurants and Bars in Singapore: New Menus and Openings in 2022

Burnt Ends; KAARLA

Plating Up WA: Singapore Edition

The inaugural Plating Up WA: Singapore Edition, is a dining festival that connects food-loving Singaporeans with the best of Western Australian produce. It kicks off on 1 June 2022 with 21 participating restaurants and bars presenting their specially created dishes and drinks during this month-long promotion.

Each Singapore venue will present at least one menu item using a WA ingredient. Made-in-WA craft beers like Rocky Ridge Brewing Company’s Ace IPA, Otherside Brewery’s The Floor is Guava and well known Margaret River wines from Moss Wood and Cullen will also be on offer.

Some of the participating venues include:

Burnt Ends, the Michelin-starred modern barbecue restaurant headed by Perth native chef-owner Dave Pynt, plates up two dishes – WA marron, tobiko, and kombu beurre blanc; and Fremantle Octopus and Romesco.

Meatsmith Little India will feature a dish of deep-fried spiced Fremantle octopus, sweet chilli and onion coulis, smoked masala potatoes, crispy kale, grilled meatsmith sausage, grated horseradish and Spanish onion.

Executive Chef Peter Rollinson at FLUTES Restaurant, the modern European restaurant in National Museum, offers diners a degustation menu including Exmouth Spanish mackerel, Western King prawns, Blue Ridge marron, and Margaret River Wagyu.

Chef John-Paul Feichtner at newly opened Australian restaurant KAARLA dishes up salt-cured kangaroo with WA black barley and condiments.

Restaurants and Bars in Singapore: New Menus and Openings in 2022
Restaurants and Bars in Singapore: New Menus and Openings in 2022

So France 

Elegant, chic, and warm, So France prides itself on its classic French fare. From Burgundy Escargots en Persillade, Canard aÌ l’Orange, Beef Bourguignon, and Oeufs Meurett, a combination of perfectly poached eggs, Bordelaise sauce prepared with Burgundy red wine, chunks of bacon. Each dish is prepared with precision with sauces taking up to three days to perfect.

The French bistro has reignited its love for dinner parties and wine soirée at their second location on Claymore Road, featuring the Chef’s signature dishes including new additions to the menu.

Relaxed banquette seating, cosy corner tables, and an alfresco terrace gives diners a myriad of seating options and injects just the right je ne sais quoi quality for lunch catch-ups, and romantic dinner out, or food and drinks with friends after work.

Traditional French fare is far from vegetarian, but the kitchen has crafted a colourful selection for both vegetarians and vegans such as Green Asparagus Salad, Mediterranean Salad with hummus, Beetroot Tartare, and Zucchini Gratin.

Restaurants and Bars in Singapore: New Menus and Openings in 2022
Restaurants and Bars in Singapore: New Menus and Openings in 2022

Estate Grand Sunday Champagne Brunch

Everyone’s most-loved Sunday brunch will be given a whole dose of opulence with the launch of the Grand Sunday Champagne Brunch Buffet at Estate, the residential all-day dining restaurant of Hilton Singapore Orchard. Redefining what it means to indulge, the Sunday brunch affair delivers an array of epicurean delights inspired by flavours from around the world, classic brunch favourites, premium ingredients of the freshest quality, free-flowing bubblies and vinos.

Enjoy a wide variety of succulent seafood like tiger prawns, snow crabs and scallops, including three types of unlimited freshly shucked oysters – Canadian, Irish and Fine de Claire. Specially for brunch, diners can look forward to one of the city’s largest cheese offerings available on a hotel buffet, with 32 types of cheeses including soft, hard, and blue from Janier, an acclaimed five-generation French purveyor of fine cheese.

Diners can also indulge in other exquisite delicacies including Homemade terrines like Pâté en Croûte, Foie Gras, and Scallop; Homemade Black Truffle Pasta with cage-free 65-degree egg and Parmigiana-Reggiano; Pan-fried Foie Gras with apple and passionfruit compote; Whole Wagyu Prime Rib with Yorkshire pudding and bordelaise sauce; Whole Stuffed Suckling Pig available at the live carving station; and Estate’s signature Black Truffle Roasted Duck, a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.

Also part of the buffet spread are special Chinese, Malay, and Indian-style dishes like Hong Kong-style ‘Bi Feng Tang’ Mud Crab, Braised Pork Knuckles with Sea Cucumber, Ayam Masak Merah, Ikan Masak Asam Pedas, and Kerala-style Prawns with Coconut Curry and Lamb Vindaloo.

Restaurants and Bars in Singapore: New Menus and Openings in 2022
Restaurants and Bars in Singapore: New Menus and Openings in 2022

Here Kitty Kitty

A 1950s Shinjuku-inspired Japanese speakeasy bar, Here Kitty Kitty by the Zouk Group is a colourful ode to the vibrant scene of Japan’s Golden Gai district that is home to a collection of mismatched, tumbledown bars. From its dramatic lantern-adorned entrance and selfie booth that is perfect for the ’gram to the just-this-side-of-kitschy interiors, the bar offers a glimpse the into famed nightlife district.

Cosy up to cocktails with a Japanese twist created by mixologist Gary Mandobo. Signature tipples include the Geisha with Roku Gin, yuzu, Cointreau and egg white, garnished with housemade green tea dill. Foraged is Gary’s take on the classic gin and tonic elevated with botanical elements — the French herbal liqueur Green Chartreuse and shochu — then finished with a herbaceous garnish of dill and basil.

A crowd favourite is the Watermelon Sugar, a signature cocktail from sister outpost Hello Kitty Kitty Las Vegas. This refreshing concoction features watermelon cubes muddled with Don Julio Blanco Tequila and Cointreau, then served in a glass rimmed with citrus salt.

To accompany your drinks, Chef Angus Chow presents “Japas” — elegant, moreish snacks that combine Spanish and Japanese cooking techniques and ingredients. Nibble on Smokin’ Ocean Jewels, served in a wooden box that dramatically opens to clouds of applewood smoke that clear to reveal two uni and ikura tartlets.

Restaurants and Bars in Singapore: New Menus and Openings in 2022
Restaurants and Bars in Singapore: New Menus and Openings in 2022

Sushi Ichizuke

Chef Daisuke Suzuki presents a more relaxed iteration of the traditional omakase dining experience while anchoring it in the philosophy of omotenashi. Originating from sado, the Japanese tea ceremony, omotenashi is the act of selfless hospitality that is centred around care for the guest.

Over the course of his career, Chef Suzuki has developed his own culinary signature style, down to the shari or vinegared rice that is one of the building blocks of sushi. Washing then soaking the short grain rice in water for eight to 10 hours before cooking yields a mildly sweet taste that is beautifully tempered by vinegar.

This shari is the perfect anchor for Chef Suzuki’s Sushi Platter, exquisite morsels of aged fish and seafood, delicately seasoned to bring out their natural flavours. For example, the Shiro Ebi or white shrimp is merely kissed with salt and lime while the Sayori or halfbeak fish is paired with green onions.

In the cooked dishes, Chef Suzuki takes guests on a gastronomic journey with an indulgent twist. The Kinmedai with Monkfish Liver juxtaposes slices of the fish — slow-poached in water, sake, salt and konbu — with slabs of rich monkfish liver. Orange vinegar soy sauce lends a touch of freshness.

To go with your omakase meal, sake sommelier Genta Yamashita offers selections from renowned distilleries such as Suigei, Hakurakusei and Isojiman.

Restaurants and Bars in Singapore: New Menus and Openings in 2022
Restaurants and Bars in Singapore: New Menus and Openings in 2022

California Republic

The latest concept by The Dandy Collection offers So-Cal Italian food inspired by the founders’ experiences in California, where they found the bold, bright and fresh approach to Italian cuisine unforgettable.

Here are some of the noteworthy dishes on the menu: The Smoked Bucatini, like its name suggests, is smoked before being tossed with a revised pork ragu in bianco with classic Soffritto. This bianco, unlike the classic, transpires a light, fresh feel. The pasta is finished with Parmigiano shavings and a touch of bone marrow.

Similar to tortellini, the Celery Root Cappelacci pasta is stuffed with celery root puree and cooked in a sauce of roasted field mushrooms, topped with Parmigiano.

Arriving at the table in a cast-iron skillet direct from the oven, the West Coast Garlic Mops bread is on the menu to mop up all the sauces from other dishes. Inspired by California’s Garlic Knots, which were a childhood staple for many kids growing up on the coast, the dough gets bathed in a mixture of garlic, oregano, extra virgin olive oil and Grana Padano.

Restaurants and Bars in Singapore: New Menus and Openings in 2022
Restaurants and Bars in Singapore: New Menus and Openings in 2022


Capella Singapore and Chef Mauro Colagreco, announce the opening of Fiamma on 15 June 2022; presenting authentic, traditional family cuisine inspired by the acclaimed, Michelin-starred chef’s Italian heritage.

A wonderfully surprising starter is the Crudo di gambero rosso, comprising of red prawn tartare. The dish is inspired by the stunning variety of prawn, Gamberoni, which he had discovered in the San Remo region along the coast of Northwest Italy. At Fiamma, the dish is made complete with kumquat and fava beans.

Of the wide variety of main courses, Chef Mauro casts focus on the Pescato Del Giorno, or Fresh Catch of the Day, which he elects to present with influences from the region of Liguria, which is known for its seafood. At Fiamma, the fish is first grilled on the fire grill before being finished in the oven. Completing this highlight, it is served with seasonal vegetables, olives and capers, a sauce of lemon juice & fish stock, and fresh herbs.

Every meal at Fiamma must end on a sweet note with Chef Mauro’s Dolce creations, such as the classic Affogato al Café, and Semifreddo, which boasts a blend of unique textures and flavours from the frozen nougat with nuts, pistachios, fresh almonds, cardamon and seared apricots.

Restaurants and Bars in Singapore: New Menus and Openings in 2022
Restaurants and Bars in Singapore: New Menus and Openings in 2022

Min Jiang at Goodwood Park Hotel

From 18 to 25 May 2022, Min Jiang at Goodwood Park Hotel is hosting a '8 Hands Culinary Showcase: A Rediscovery of Cantonese Classics' that is sure to spark fond nostalgic memories for some and intrigue the rest. Elevated with modern finesse and presented in decadent lunch and dinner set menus, each elaborate, labour-intensive dish requires skills honed from years of experience. For the first time ever, the '8 Hands Culinary Showcase: A Rediscovery of Cantonese Classics' will see the union of four veteran Chinese Chefs – Chan Kwok, Chin Hon Yin, Chung Ho Shi and Min Jiang’s very own Chan Hwan Kee – in a momentous occasion to present rarely seen traditional Hong Kong-style Cantonese dishes that date back at least three decades. Gourmet Ambassador Moses Lim, also a well-known actor, host, comedian, celebrity food critic and food connoisseur brings his invaluable knowledge to this event.

Diners will be treated to rarely seen masterpieces such as Steamed Rice Vermicelli with Tiger Prawn and Ikura on Egg White (Moses Lim); Crispy-fried Milk Custard, Pan-fried Australian Scallops stuffed with Minced Shrimps (Chef Chan Kwok); Classic Pan-fried Prawn on Toast, Pan-seared Japanese Bell Peppers stuffed with Dace Fish and Minced Jinhua Ham (Chef Chung Ho Shi); Double-boiled Bird's Nest in Minced Chicken Broth with Yunnan Ham, Diced Chicken and Crabmeat (Chef Chin Hon Yin) and Baked Peony Flower Red Bean Pastry (Chef Chan Hwan Kee and team).

Reservations can be made here or email


New Menus, Restaurants and Bars This April

Restaurants and Bars in Singapore: New Menus and Openings in 2022
Restaurants and Bars in Singapore: New Menus and Openings in 2022


Indian Street Delights at The Tiffin Room

Experience the exuberant flavours and aromas of India through an impressive gastronomic spread of street food specialties at the historic Tiffin Room at Raffles Hotel Singapore from now till 5th May 2022. Drawing on award-winning Chef de Cuisine Kuldeep Negi’s rich experience and his Indian roots, the limited-time menu, Street Food Festival, showcases iconic street food from various distinct parts of India.

Offering a rich and evocative culinary journey through India’s diverse melting pot of flavours, the street-food specialised menu begins with Bombay Bhel Puri, Mumbai’s very own puffed rice mix tossed in sweet and spicy chutneys; and Moong Dal Ladoo, flavoursome yellow lentil and radish dumplings from New Delhi. Savour delectable appetisers including Amritsari Fried Fish, a marinated deep-fried fish recipe originating from Punjab; Bharwa Mirchi, Rajasthani stuffed chilli with potato and spices; and Kolkata Kathi Roll, deliciously smokey boneless chicken leg prepared alongside bell peppers before being enveloped in wheat flour bread, or its vegetarian alternative that features Indian cottage cheese in place of chicken.

Relish in two exquisite main courses - Kheema Curry, an aromatic Lucknowi royal Mughlai minced lamb curry and Nazaqati Botti Pulao, succulent grilled lamb kebab biryani, presented in the signature tiffin box and complemented with Onion Parantha. The vegetarian menu is just as delightful, presenting a moreish starter of Vegetable Kebab, a grilled Lucknowi favourite comprising an assortment of vegetables topped with almonds and figs; alongside a delectable main course of Chole Bhature, Punjab’s much-loved chickpea curry accentuated with heady spices and served with fried bread, pickled onions and deep-fried masala chilli. Guests can look forward to the indulgent Jalebi Fafda, a famed Gujarati crunchy street snack made with gram flour and paired with green chilli alongside the classic spiral-shaped sweet perfumed with saffron syrup.

The Street Food Festival menu will be available for lunch and dinner in both non-vegetarian (S$88++ per guest) and vegetarian (S$78++ per guest). 

Restaurants and Bars in Singapore: New Menus and Openings in 2022
Restaurants and Bars in Singapore: New Menus and Openings in 2022


Poisson opens its doors this March with an extensive seafood menu. Curated by Geoffrey and Executive Chef Ma Yee Khang, the menu reflects the freshest, premium seafood accentuated by the finest seasonal produce and flavours and, critically, the perfect balance of zest and spice. Sourced from sustainably certified fish farms and independent, international seafood suppliers, each ingredient on the menu is ethically harvested and of the highest quality.

We absolutely enjoyed their Sensational Saturdays brunch menu especially their Negitoro Ikura topped with Bashun Uni and Caviar, Grilled Hokkaido Scallop Ceviche, and Marinated Scottish Salmon Tortilla and the list goes on. Their brunch comes with a free-flow of champagne priced at S$148++ per person. This place is a dream for seafood lovers and pescatarians but more importantly, we experienced great service, delicious food and generous pours.

Restaurants and Bars in Singapore: New Menus and Openings in 2022
Restaurants and Bars in Singapore: New Menus and Openings in 2022

Meat & Greet Collective

Famed for their char-grilled meats and handmade pastas at affordable prices, Meat & Gree Collective is helmed by law graduate-turned-chef Kieran and NUS Engineering undergraduate Tim. The duo turned their passion into a profession to chase their food dream and produce good food for Singaporeans.

Promising an authentic Southern barbecue experience, the Baby Back Riblets ($15) is slow-cooked for 12 hours and coated with homemade tangy and smoky BBQ glaze. Their Smoked Salmon Sandwich ($18) is a bold combination of smoked salmon cured and smoked in-house, with lime crema and green apples which adds a touch of crunch and sweetness.

Drawing unanimous praises from fans and foodies, the pair offers a delectable range of handmade pastas under their subsidiary brand, PityPartyPasta. Taking the centerstage is the Duck Pasta ($18) - the restaurant’s rendition of a French-Italian classic, featuring creamy handmade fettuccine paired with flavourful and tender shredded duck meat prepared in confit.

Restaurants and Bars in Singapore: New Menus and Openings in 2022
Restaurants and Bars in Singapore: New Menus and Openings in 2022

Waterfall Ristorante Italiano

Tucked away in the lush, landscaped gardens of Shangri-la Singapore, Waterfall Ristorante is pleased to welcome onboard Chef Simone Loisi from Puglia as its new Chef de Cuisine.

From 18 April, diners can look forward to Chef Simone’s repertoire of authentic Southern Italian specialties featuring a vibrant and sumptuous showcase of dishes that spans his hometown specialities, signature handmade pastas and main courses.

Dishes we loved include Caprese Di Mare ($28), Mortadella e Stracciatella ($29), Orecchiette Broccoli E Salsicca ($28) which is a pasta made with broccoli, Italian pork sausage meat and handmade Orecchiette pasta,  and their Polpo alla Plancia, a whole octopus leg which is first steamed till tender then grilled over high heat to achieve a caramelised char.

Restaurants and Bars in Singapore: New Menus and Openings in 2022
Restaurants and Bars in Singapore: New Menus and Openings in 2022

Sigi Skin x InterContinental Singapore Vegan Afternoon Tea

One of our favourite local skincare brands, Sigi Skin, has collaborated with InterContinental Singapore for a superfood vegan afternoon tea!

This uniquely decadent vegan afternoon tea features items inspired by superfood ingredients found in Sigi Skin’s award-winning skincare such as acai, matcha, yuzu, pumpkin, spinach and more.

Highlights from the tiered high tea include sweet treats - Acai Blueberry Vegan Cheesecake, Banana Oatmeal Cake, Coffee Chocolate Crèmeux, Green Tea Tiramisu and Tropical Yuzu Custard.

Accompanying the charming selection of sweets are enticing savoury treats such as Goji Berry Scone, Tomato Concasse with Plant-based Meatball Skewer, as well as Pumpkin Mousse, Avocado and Mushroom with Tomato Arugala in Spinach Wrap.

This seasonal collaboration launches on 1 April 2022 and will be available until 30 September 2022 at The Lobby Lounge, InterContinental Singapore.

Each Vegan Afternoon Tea: Sigi Skin Edition guest will also receive a selection of the brand's skincare range in deluxe sizes (worth S$65) so as to kickstart their vegan skincare journey with Sigi Skin towards happier, healthier skin (applicable for the first 150 dine-in orders only).

Restaurants and Bars in Singapore: New Menus and Openings in 2022
Restaurants and Bars in Singapore: New Menus and Openings in 2022

The Balvenie X Cure: Handcrafted by Chef Andrew Walsh

Chef Walsh has crafted two dishes and a whisky-based cocktail that are all paired with The Balvenie’s roster of storied whiskies. For the main course, salmon is cured, brushed with The Balvenie 14 Year Old The Week of Peat, cold-smoked, and then hot-smoked. “We’re also going to glaze it with molasses treacle, which is quite popular in Ireland. It has a stickiness and umami-ness that pairs greatly with the smokiness of the whisky. We add a bit of horseradish for some heat and top it off with some roe and flowers. It's a dish that brings back a lot of memories from eating smoked salmon in Ireland when I was a child,” Walsh explains.

His second dish is a dessert presented inside a box and is inspired by his childhood winter memories with his father. Charcoal dough is cut into small logs to resemble peat and then deep-fried and filled with a peat-smoked milk ice cream. They are served with The Balvenie DoubleWood 12 Year Old to enhance the smoky aroma. The whisky’s vanilla and cinnamon notes lift the dessert.

Lastly, to celebrate its recent MICHELIN Star accolade, Chef Walsh and his team have crafted a cocktail called Star in Orbit. “It is a playful take on a whisky sour,” says Walsh. Using The Balvenie Caribbean Cask 14 Year Old as the base, lime juice, umeshu, honey, sage, and egg whites are added. The drink is given a dry shake, and then a hard shake, before serving. “The hint of fruit and toffee notes from The Balvenie Caribbean Cask 14 Year Old provide a lingering finish to this cocktail,” he shares.

Till 21 April 2022, diners can enjoy these whisky-paired delicacies at Cure. The three dishes will be available as part of a full menu for S$396++ with alcohol pairing (includes one dram of The Balvenie 12-Year-Old DoubleWood, one dram of The Balvenie 14-Year-Old Caribbean Cask, one Star in Orbit cocktail and other complementary pairings). The Balvenie drams can still be ordered a la carte if diners opt to order without the full alcohol pairing.

Reserve a table here.

Restaurants and Bars in Singapore: New Menus and Openings in 2022
Restaurants and Bars in Singapore: New Menus and Openings in 2022

The Super Loco Group Celebrates Earth Month

It’s earth month and the Super Loco Group has teamed up with Australian plant-based start-up Fable Food to pave a carbon-conscious way of eating and drinking. From 4 to 30 April 2022, clean eating with sustainability in mind will be made easy with this plant-based meat alternative made from shiitake mushrooms.

Available as a four-course dinner set menu priced at S$80 per person or as à la carte specials, the line- up is carefully curated around sustainably sourced, ethically-raised ingredients with a low-carbon footprint that have been sourced locally or regionally, with the total carbon calculation of the set menu amounting to 7.51kg in carbon emissions.

What dishes can you expect? Garden Flautas (S$19) for crispy spinach herb tortillas filled with earthy Mexican truffle, crispy quinoa and goat cheese. The traditional al pastor is given a plant-based makeover with the Fable Al Pastor Taco (S$10).

Flaunting coastal Mexican flavours are three takes on sustainably farmed barramundi from local fishery Kühlbarra. Lucha Loco’s Pan-Fried Barramundi (S$32) is served with nutty cauliflower arroz, corn textura, and amaranth drizzled with a verdant pepita dressing. Super Loco Customs House’s Barramundi (S$34) perks up pan-roasted slabs with zesty salsa verde, soft herb salad, and corn tortillas; while Super Loco Robertson Quay’s Barramundi (S$36) amps up spice levels with piquillo pepper and grilled corn salad, chopped jalapeños, and salsa verde.

Dessert comes in the form of Pomegranate Tres Leches (S$14). Also offered as part of the set is Zero to Hero (S$21), a zero-waste cocktail that upcycles a melange of fruit waste into a tropical tequila infusion that takes the edge off from both the planet and patrons alike.

Restaurants and Bars in Singapore: New Menus and Openings in 2022
Restaurants and Bars in Singapore: New Menus and Openings in 2022

Marks & Spencer’s Easter Collection

From Hoggie the Hedgehog to Inky the Octopus, M&S has expanded their Easter range to make gifting for friends and families cuter than ever! M&S’s premium quality milk and white chocolates come in various shapes and characters including sausage dogs, octopus, bunnies and colourful easter eggs.

M&S has even launched two new speckled egg products, and both are suitable for vegetarians! The Boozy Hen Party is strictly for grown-ups only: 10 milk, dark, white and golden blond chocolate eggs filled with alcoholic cocktail centres.

While nothing beats the indulgence of their beloved Luxury Hot Cross Buns, it’s always fun to have a twist on the traditional! From golden blond chocolate to extra mature cheddar and red Leicester, M&S’s flavoured hot cross buns this year are stepping it up a level.


New Menus, Restaurants and Bars This March

Restaurants and Bars in Singapore: New Menus and Openings in 2022
Restaurants and Bars in Singapore: New Menus and Openings in 2022


Located at 21A Boon Tat Street, Meadesmoore is a must-visit for anyone who loves their steak. They are a modern steakhouse that specialises in unusual cuts of beef from trusted award-winning premium producers. We started with appetisers and their Breaded Pig's Head and Bone Marrow stood out for me. It was my first time trying Breaded Pig's Head with preserved lemon mayonnaise, and I must say I was pleasantly surprised.

We were fortunate enough to taste their Zabuton, Rib Cap, Onglet, Flat Iron and Prime Rib. I personally enjoyed all their steaks as they were all so flavourful. The Zabuton has excellent meat to fat ratio and it is best served rare so as to experience its texture and flavours. Their Rib cap is one of the rarest and most prized cuts of beef known for its luxurious marbling and umami finish. The Onglet is also known as a "butcher's steak" as they would keep this for themselves because it's tender yet flavourful despite having very little fat.  The Flat iron is a tended but leaned steak that is a modern or new age beef cut discovered only in 2002. Prized for its generous marbling and cap of fat, the Prime Rib is another that is perfect to share.

Must-order sides to go along your steak includes their Spinach Salad that was just so light, Maitake Mushrooms and Gratinated Mac & Cheese. Do not leave without having their Chocolate, Chocolate & Chocolate, it is worth every calorie!

Restaurants and Bars in Singapore: New Menus and Openings in 2022
Restaurants and Bars in Singapore: New Menus and Openings in 2022

Les Bouchons Rochester

Les Bouchons at Rochester Commons (‘Les Bouchons Rochester’) is housed in a beautiful two-storey bungalow surrounded by a verdant al fresco area that showcases a pétanque court that is rarely seen in Singapore. Guests are invited to immerse themselves in the French boules sport with an ice-cold pastis (an anise-based spirit) over a languid weekend afternoon; a quintessential South of France pastime which Les Bouchons Rochester celebrates.

New entrées exclusive to Les Bouchons Rochester include French Ceps Soup with Truffle Oil (S$16); French Heirloom Beetroot Salad (S$17) and Terrine de Foie-gras "Maison"; a Foie-gras Terrine served with Onion Chutney and Toast (S$26). The star dish was their Grilled Sirloin Wagyu, a Japanese Hokkaido Black Wagyu MB +6/7 (S$78). Add on the Pan Seared Foie Gras (60g for S$12).

Another highlight is their extensive wine list of approximately 100 labels including both old and new world wines, rare and vintage selections, of which 80% are from France, including several exclusive labels.

Restaurants and Bars in Singapore: New Menus and Openings in 2022
Restaurants and Bars in Singapore: New Menus and Openings in 2022


Our beloved Jigger & Pony Group has relaunched Sugarhall as a rum-focused cocktail pub, nestled right above Rosemead. A perfectly cosy spot for post-work drinks or fun get-togethers, Sugarhall returns with a new approachable attitude while retaining the feel-good energy and same old passion for rum. Expect the casual vibes of a neighbourhood pub, where Bar Operations Manager Davide Boncimino and Principal Bartender Sam Loh present a rediscovery of classic cocktails.

Embodying Sugarhall is returning crowd favourite cocktail Dark & Stormy (S$24), with a localised refresh. Based on Hampden 8 year aged overproof Jamaican rum that poses an intense estery fruitiness, the highball-style classic is finished with fresh lime and Sugarhall’s brand new “I Shot the Ginger'' ginger beer. Brewed at The 1925 Brewing Co., the ginger beer ferments young, old and galangal ginger with lager yeast and a secret blend of spices. Knowing its fans, Sugarhall will also serve the crushable drink in a Mega Stormy (S$50) size!

Espousing their dedication to the sugarcane spirit is the Daiquiri (S$22) with two types of rums; Bacardi Superior 1909 rum asserts fresh notes of citrus and vanilla while Veritas blended rum lends its aromatic palate, resulting in a tasty sipper. Other highlights include the PornStar Martini (S$24) - pandan adds depth of flavour to the vodka and passionfruit classic - and the H&M Sour (S$24), a gin sour accentuated with green tea and hazelnut.

If you’re a true rum fan, then you can look forward to the Rum of the Month. Introducing premium or exclusive rums as a flight and a cocktail, explore the ever-growing selection with the guiding hands of Sugarhall’s bartenders.

Sugarhall also celebrates the joys of a well-deserved drink with their Happy Hour. Running 4pm-6pm daily, the offerings rotate monthly with cocktails going at S$14 each, as well as the Sugarhall Sorachi Ace Lager and wines by the glass available at S$12. A steal!

Restaurants and Bars in Singapore: New Menus and Openings in 2022
Restaurants and Bars in Singapore: New Menus and Openings in 2022

RATIO Café + GastroBar

Espresso with vodka? Sounds like the perfect perk-me-up for some. Frozen cocktail with siracha? Why not! This is RATIO – a quirky, unusual cafe and gastro bar constantly pushing the limits on what “normal” means.

This new kid on the block at ION Orchard proudly showcases the world’s first 5th wave coffee robotic barista that makes the perfect Latte and Piccolo using Tiong Hoe coffee beans. This impressive AI-powered robotic barista can make cold and hot espresso-based beverages to your preferred ratio precisely and consistently with order and speed. The Super Manual can grind, tamp, extract espressos and create perfect latte art like an experienced human barista!

Unique to RATIO, is the exciting signature cocktail offerings where two frozen cocktails will come with “Push Your Limit” options that allow you to customise your alcohol level from 0% to 100% (up to 5 shots!).

A perfect balance of sweet and sour flavours, Dragon Tears will refresh you with its mix of pineapple rum, dragon fruit puree, soursop juice and lemon basil. Take a sip of Life’s a Beach and be transported to the seaside. Contained in a coconut husk, the combination of tequila, mango puree, coconut water, lime and ginger flower syrup awaits your indulgence. Awaken your inner child with Passion Pop, an icy treat of rum, glitter syrup, lime, passionfruit and mint that is served as an ice-cold popsicle.

Highlights on the food menu? RATIO’s Seafood Laksa Cream Linguine presents juicy fresh tiger prawns, mussels, and squid on a bed of al-dente linguine, drenched in a rich piquant laksa-spiced cream sauce. For those looking for a meat alternative, the IMPOSSIBLE Kimchi Burger will not disappoint as you sink your teeth into a succulent grilled plant-based patty glazed with savoury picante sauce, topped with irresistibly moreish kimchi and melted cheese, sandwiched between two golden brioche buns.

There is always room for dessert, even more so when it is an aesthetically-pleasing one. Settled in an elegant martini glass is a creamy-smooth custard, infused with floral rose notes, break through the clear caramel sugar brittle and indulge in the delightful Rose Crème Brulee beneath. You may even request to hide a ring inside the crème brulee to surprise your love!

Restaurants and Bars in Singapore: New Menus and Openings in 2022
Restaurants and Bars in Singapore: New Menus and Openings in 2022

GRAFT8 Wine Bar, Sheraton Singapore

Introducing Graft8 (pronounced ‘graft bar’), a new wine lounge by fine wine merchant Grand Vin. An ode to fine wines, Graft8 features an enviable wine list dreamt up for wine lovers from all walks of life – be it the sophisticated wine drinker, budding appreciator, or simply for the curious.

Tucked away in the lobby of Sheraton Towers Singapore, Graft8 comes alive every Monday to Saturday, from 3 pm till late, hosted by a team of experienced sommeliers. With a world-class collection of more than a hundred types of wines assembled by Sommelier Trainer Manda Oei, you can discover new favourites from a list that includes Champagne Louis Roederer famed for their Cristal cuvée, esteemed Burgundian house Domaine Faiveley and Napa cults like Hundred Acre.

Wines are available both by the glass and by the bottle, so for a luxurious, lounging evening, you can relish the taste of some of the top labels in the world without having to quaff an entire bottle. The only wine venue in Singapore offering premium fine wines by the glass, Graft8 is intended as a destination for wine discovery and appreciation, and with wines to suit any mood, occasion or budget.

While wine and Chinese cuisine may sound like an unusual pairing, they can make quite the dynamic duo! Indulge in delectable Chinese food and Asian bar bites alongside your selection of fine wines with the special Li Bai menu, available from 5pm – 9pm.

Restaurants and Bars in Singapore: New Menus and Openings in 2022
Restaurants and Bars in Singapore: New Menus and Openings in 2022

Biestecca Tuscan Steakhouse 10th Anniversary Celebrations

Biestecca Tuscan Steakhouse celebrates its 10th anniversary with a "best of Bistecca" menu priced at S$138++ per person. Available for the month of March, Bistecca will be serving up its most popular dishes of the last ten years.

The special menu is centred around Bistecca’s Signature Sharing Steaks, premium F1 Wagyu (marble score 6+) beef exclusively imported from Australia. Cuts include the Fiorentina, a classic T-bone or the Costata, a bone-in ribeye with both options ranging from 900g to 1.3kg, depending on the number of guests at the table.

You can choose between three starters, Fremantle Octopus, Pan-seared Scallops or their Burrata. The menu also includes a choice of House-Made Pasta either the Busiate, a beef and tomato ragu or Japanese Pumpkin Agnolotti; and of course, a range of sides such as their classic Steak Fries, Brussels Sprouts, and a decadent Italian take on Mac n’ Cheese among others.

Dessert lovers won’t be left disappointed with a choice of four indulgent desserts including traditional Panna Cotta and Tiramisu, Black Forest Ganache and the delicious Sticky Date Pudding. To round out the gourmet dining experience at Bistecca, each guest will receive a complimentary glass of bubbles, red or white wine.

Restaurants and Bars in Singapore: New Menus and Openings in 2022
Restaurants and Bars in Singapore: New Menus and Openings in 2022

Celebrate Nowruz at Shabestan Singapore

Nowruz, also known as the Persian New Year, marks the beginning of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. In celebration of this auspicious occasion, Shabestan Singapore is having a Persian buffet on 20 and 21 March 2022 for dinner from 6pm - 9pm; featuring over 25 dishes including their popular dips, salads, soups, appetisers, charcoal-grilled kebabs, Persian stews, and of course dessert.

Like most festive celebrations, food is an integral part of Nowruz and there are several special Persian dishes served during Nowruz. This year, Shabestan will be having both Kuku Sabzi, a traditional Persian omelette made with fresh herbs, eggs, and Tahchin, an Iranian rice dish primarily consisting of rice, yoghurt, saffron, and eggs.

Must-try dishes for Nowruz also include Ash Reshth, a signature Persian Noodle Soup,  Fesenjan, an iconic Persian stew made with pomegranate and walnut sauce, and Ghormeh Sabzi, a savoury medley of fresh lamb, cooked with red beans, herbs, sun-dried lime and fresh vegetables.

Popular charcoal-grilled kebabs such as Lamb Kubideh, Mahi Kebab, Sabzi Kebab will be on the buffet menu. A new addition to the charcoal-grilled kebabs is the Beef Shish Kebab that is made of marinated chunks of fillet mignon.

S$98++ per person / S$48++ per child 

*Delivery and takeaway also available from 1.30pm - 8.30pm.

Restaurants and Bars in Singapore: New Menus and Openings in 2022
Restaurants and Bars in Singapore: New Menus and Openings in 2022

Limited Edition 2022  Sakura! Sakura! Tea by TWG Tea

This season of renaissance, let TWG Tea transport you with the ethereal beauty of Spring in a cup of the limited edition 2022 blend of Sakura! Sakura! Tea. Sakura! Sakura! Tea retails from 10 March 2022 and is priced at S$48 with just 800 pieces available in Singapore.

Beautifully handcrafted with notes of wild Rainier cherry and sweet rose petals, this green tea yields an aromatic and elegant infusion enveloped by soft lingering hints of floral sweetness. Encased in the soft, luxuriant hues of pink and gold in a collectable tea tin adorned with delicate florals, this marvellous blend rejuvenates and refreshes your mind and body with vitamin C, and anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Pair this fragrant tea with Sakura! Sakura! Tea-infused macarons with exquisite white chocolate and vanilla ganache, accentuated with natural flavours of green tea and a sweet bouquet of cherry blossoms. These macarons are available in boxes of 6, 12 and 24 priced at S$12, S$24, S$48 respectively.

Restaurants and Bars in Singapore: New Menus and Openings in 2022
Restaurants and Bars in Singapore: New Menus and Openings in 2022

The Joyous Flavours of Holi at Tiffin Room 

Delight in the joy and captivating flavours of Holi – India’s Festival of Colours, with a charming spread of North Indian specialities at the historic Tiffin Room at Raffles Hotel Singapore. Masterfully curated by Chef de Cuisine Kuldeep Negi, the limited-time menu, The Joyous Flavours of Holi, is available exclusively from 5 to 19 March 2022 in both vegetarian (S$88++) and non-vegetarian(S$98++) options, alongside a wine-pairing (additional S$58++) option for an elevated celebratory experience.

The festive feast begins with Dahi Bhalla Papadi Chaat, Tangdi Kebab (tandoori-grilled chicken), Jhinga Till Pakora (crispy prawn fritters), Chole Kulche (chickpea masala with naan). For the main course, guests may savour the delectable Tawa Fish, a flavourful pan-seared barramundi served alongside refreshing mint and coriander paste; Darbari Gosht, succulent lamb chop in an aromatic cardamom curry; and Murgh Lazzez, tender chicken breast in a rich almond and cashew nut gravy.

The vegetarian starters are Mushroom Till Pakora; crispy mushrooms with sesame seeds, Channa Dal Tikkki; black chickpea cutlets. Mains feature Paneer Prunes Kofta Curry; a creamy cottage cheese dumplings stuffed with prunes in tomato gravy, Chatpate Aloo; potatoes tossed with an aromatic spice blend. Both menus are served with Indian Basmati rice as well as Masala Charmagaj Naan and Laccha Parantha, alongside an array of chutneys and pickles.

For desserts, satisfy your sweet tooth with a tantalising assortment of Paan Rasgulla; delectable betel leaf flavoured cheese dumplings, Pista Gujia; traditional sweet dumplings stuffed with coconut and dried fruits,  and Gur Parre;  enticingly crispy sweet bites made from jaggery.

For all enquiries and reservations for dining experiences at Raffles Hotel Singapore, call (+65) 6412 1816 or email at

Restaurants and Bars in Singapore: New Menus and Openings in 2022
Restaurants and Bars in Singapore: New Menus and Openings in 2022

‘Kolkata Local’ Holi Menu at Aapon, Authentic Indian Bengali Fine Dining

Aapon welcomes the spring season with ‘Kolkata Local', bringing the flavours from the city of joy to you. Talk about Kolkata street food and you will instantly visualise mouth-watering phuchkas, crunchy rolls, chow mein noodles, and more. Aapon has exquisitely curated a menu catering to this Holi Festival for a time of celebration and feast, available for lunch dinner from 17 to 19 March 2022. So gather the family and make your way down to Aapon!

Phuchka is basically the spiciest version of Panipuri from Kolkata filled with a mixture of black chickpeas and potato filled with tangy tamarind water, to be popped whole into your mouth for a literal burst of flavours. A snack that is usually eaten during the Holi festival, Jhal Muri is a delicious mixture of puffed rice, boiled potato, chopped fresh cucumber, tomatoes, green chillies, coconut, sprouted Bengal gram, boiled yellow peas, seasoned with a special spice mix, generous sprinkling of pungent mustard oil, and black salt.

The rolls come in both non-vegetarian and vegetarian options. Choose from crisp yet soft Parathas stuffed with Chicken tikka, Paneer tikka or Egg with cucumbers and onions, loaded with Chef’s secret sauce. End the meal with Nolen Gurer Kachagolla - a famous Bengali sweet cheese confection elevated with the flavour from date palm jaggery.

Holi menu: S$40++ for 3 dishes | S$60++ for 5 dishes

Beyond the festive menu, Aapon's a la carte menu is extensive with a mix of authentic Bengali dishes and familiar North Indian dishes. Coveniently located in the CBD, drop by for their affordable set lunch menu at just $25++ per person - especially great for corporate lunch meetings. Fridays are Briyani special! The restaurant also has a bar that offers unique cocktails that make use of Indian spices such as masala chai spice and cumin seeds, so head over for after-work drinks with colleagues and friends.

Location: 140 Robinson Road, #01-01 Crown @ Robinson, Singapore 068907

Restaurants and Bars in Singapore: New Menus and Openings in 2022
Restaurants and Bars in Singapore: New Menus and Openings in 2022

Roberta's Pizza

Cult pizzeria from Brooklyn, New York, Roberta’s Pizza opens its first international outlet at Marina Bay Sands Singapore! The pizza house will offer the full range of pizzas and salads from Roberta’s menu, including favourites from the original Brooklyn eatery such as the Famous Original, Bee Sting and Cheesus Christ.

The Stracciatella with House Bread (S$15) is a must-try with housemade stracciatella — a soft, fresh cheese best known as the delicious centre of burrata that is also made from scratch here in the Singapore kitchen. Best to share this one!

We personally loved The Bee Sting (S$28), which is a piquant pie with tomato, mozzarella, Calabrese salami and basil, finished with housemade chilli oil and honey that gives a real kick. The refreshing salads on the menu also make a great accompaniment to the pizzas.

Don't forget to pair your pizzas with Singapore's local beer. The lemongrass lager by 1925 Brewing Co. goes especially well with the wood-fired thin pizzas.


New Menus, Restaurants and Bars This February

Restaurants and Bars in Singapore: New Menus and Openings in 2022
Restaurants and Bars in Singapore: New Menus and Openings in 2022


Located at Palais Renaissance, Caviar features 8 of the world's best Caviars including world number 1 Kaluga Queen, Oscietra, Sevruga and Beluga. Helmed by a young team of Chefs, every dish we tasted was simply exquisite. Available for lunch, dinner and now weekend brunch, do make your reservations in advance as this contemporary modern restaurant only seats 24. We tried their lunch and the dishes that stood out the most to us included Botan Ebi which featured Buttermilk, Kaluga Kaluga, and Kaluga Queen Cross-Breed.

The Uni Pasta was definitely a surprise, a great idea to add Salted Lemon and Kaluga Kaluga. Chef Karleen did not need to ask how we liked our steaks done as the Westholme Wagyu with Smoked Mash, Asparagus and Kaluga Queen Cross Breed was truly decadent.

Last but not least, a must-try is their dessert called "Sake" made with Sake Lees, Lime and Polanco Siberian Reserve. No meal is complete with champagne or wine pairing, and at Caviar, even whisky goes.

Restaurants and Bars in Singapore: New Menus and Openings in 2022
Restaurants and Bars in Singapore: New Menus and Openings in 2022


A modern Californian fine dining restaurant housed in a 1920s heritage building, Rosemead is driven by local and sustainable ingredients, with particular attention to seasonality, peak freshness, and an emphasis on maximizing the natural flavours of the ingredients used. The first dish that always sets the bar for a restaurant is their House Rolls and Rosemead did not disappoint. Shokupan glazed with maple syrup, smoked bacon and kombu is broiled on the grill and it comes with a savoury Shitake Cultured Butter.

Another beautiful dish was their Mangrove Crab Tartine with Avocado and Yuzu Citrus that was garnished with micro herbs from Edible Garden City. We were impressed by the size of their Roasted Hand Dive Scallop that was quite sizable but nothing beats their Whole Roast Chicken and Leeks with Winter Black Truffle. This dish speaks to you the moment it is on the table. Highly recommended for sharing, Rosemead uses 1.2kg fresh young chickens from Malaysia, dry brines, and is slowly roasted over the fire, which results in a very juicy chicken.

For dessert, Rosemead has options that cater to every palette from Chitose Farm Strawberry and Heirloom Beetroot, Sudachi Lime and White Chocolate, Burnt Honey Meringue and Malted Chocolate Milk.

Restaurants and Bars in Singapore: New Menus and Openings in 2022
Restaurants and Bars in Singapore: New Menus and Openings in 2022

Latin American Valentine’s Dinner Menu at Cuba Libre Clarke Quay

A fan of Latin American cuisine and music? Executive Chef Alex Moreno has curated a 3-course dinner menu with wine or prosecco included for you and your partner. Available from 11 to 14 Feb 2022, this 3-course dinner includes an appetiser of your choice, a main course, and dessert.

Cuban Executive Chef Alex highly recommends his Mil Hojas de Aguacate y Cangrejo, which is an avocado and crab tart served on crispy parmesan sheets. The pan-seared Filet Mignon with red wine and balsamic sauce which comes with a side dish of your choice, and his house-made Apple Tart.

For vegetarians, there's the Golden Egg which is a deep-fried stuffed avocado on a salad nest, Zucchini Boats which is a Mexican-style zucchini canoe stuffed with mixed vegetables which comes with a side and Chocolate Lava Cake for dessert.

S$70++ per person includes 2 glasses of wine / prosecco | S$140++ per person includes 1 bottle of wine / prosecco

Restaurants and Bars in Singapore: New Menus and Openings in 2022
Restaurants and Bars in Singapore: New Menus and Openings in 2022

Progressive Nusantara Valentine’s Menu at Permata

Halal restaurant Permata located at historic mansion Gedung Kuning has curated a progressive Nusantara Valentine’s menu available for both lunch and dinner from 11 to 14 Feb 2022.

Priced at S$88++ per person, which includes an Asmaradana mocktail, guests can look forward to sharing an appetiser platter that consists of a Lychee & Pomegranate Kerabu Salad and Pan-Seared Scallops with Lemon Ginger Burnt Butter.

For mains, choose between Permata’s signature Chargrilled Filet Mignon with Spicy Tumeric Lemon Cream, Scalloped Potato, Asparagus and Tomato Confit or Pan-Seared Barramundi with Sambal Berlado, Scalloped Potato, French Beans and Tomato Confit.

To share for dessert is the Dark Golden Fried Banana with Vanilla Ice Cream, Salted Caramel and Almond Flakes and Panna Cotta topped with Green Bean Mousse and Golden Dust.


New Menus, Restaurants and Bars This January

Restaurants and Bars in Singapore: New Menus and Openings in 2022
Restaurants and Bars in Singapore: New Menus and Openings in 2022

iKO Japanese Restaurant and Bar

Since Nov last year, iKO had been deep-diving into traditional Japanese cuisine to fish for fresh ideas that inform its new menu. More than ten weeks later, the transformed iKO is revealed.

Catch iKO’s gastro maestro Dylan Ong, also chef-owner of Franco-Asian restaurant The Masses, serving up binchotan-grilled items, sashimi, and more fun mod snacks to go with the tipples. Meant for sharing, the food offerings include stuffed tempura jalapeño, scallop carpaccio with chilli, wagyu sukiyaki, and spruced up kaisendon featuring a medley of seasonal fish from Japan and yuzu-based tonkotsu broth.

To go with these vogue creations, iKO lists European wines in addition to Japan’s pride and joy that is sake. Most ingredients used in the dishes are air-flown from Japan.

Choose to sit by the bar and watch the action up close, or pick a low table to cosy up with loved ones. Either way, guests get to soak up iKO’s leisurely charm as swagger Japanese hip hop and rap fills the air.

iKO is located at 65 Neil Road, Singapore 088897.

Restaurants and Bars in Singapore: New Menus and Openings in 2022
Restaurants and Bars in Singapore: New Menus and Openings in 2022

Milano Pizza & Wine

Already well-known for their artisanal and experientiaal venues such as Pasta Bar, Papi’s Tcos, bar Milano, Bang Bang, and LuLu’s Lounge, the SJS group is excited to welcome diners to Milano Pizza & Wine located at Craig Road, where guests can enjoy three pizza styles - Artisanal 400 degree sourdough NEO-Neopolitan, Sicilian Grandma, and Buttercrust Pan Pizza.

We started our evening by sipping their Pinot Grigio Cucumber Spritz which paired very well with their Spiced Honey Brussel Sprouts that many of our friends loved. What stood out for us were their Mortadella & Burrata Sicilian Grandma Pizza that was divine and their Handmade Pasta. We had the Rigatoni 40 Clove Garlic Tomato Sauce that was made with San Marzano Tomato, Confit Garlic and Fresh Basil. Another must-order dessert is their Banana Cream Pie that had us wanting more!

Milano Pizza & Wine is located at 10 Craig Road, Singapore 089370.

Restaurants and Bars in Singapore: New Menus and Openings in 2022
Restaurants and Bars in Singapore: New Menus and Openings in 2022

Mr Holmes Bakehouse

Sink your teeth into Mr Holmes Bakehouse’s fully revamped menu which includes their first-ever savoury cruffin - Sundried Tomato & Bacon Jam - and brioche donut alongside three sweet variants. The new line-up also includes a twice-baked croissant, danishes, buns, cookies, muffins and sandwiches.

New from now till end of Mar 2022 is a trio of cruffins inspired by Singaporean’s penchant for decadence which includes a German Chocolate cruffin, lush Irish Cream cruffin, and  an exclusive PBJ by PBD cruffin created in collaboration with Park Bench Deli that revisits the American classic with a tart strawberry rhubarb and nutty almond butter twist, topped with whole candied almonds.

Another savoury favourite, Everything Donut is just as promising as named. Piped with chive and caper cream cheese, each brioche is glazed with spicy Sriracha honey and a coat of house-made Everything seasoning for an all-round toothsome ball.

Other standouts include Bacon Mac & Cheese Danish, Bourbon Caramel Pecan Sticky Bun, Gluten-Free Lemon Blueberry Muffin, and Vegan Chocolate Fudge Cookie.

Mr Holmes Bakehouse’s new menu is available for purchase in-store and online. The store is located at 9 Scotts Road, #01-01/02/03 Pacific Plaza, Singapore 228210.

Restaurants and Bars in Singapore: New Menus and Openings in 2022
Restaurants and Bars in Singapore: New Menus and Openings in 2022

Green Common Singapore

Concerned about the environment? Scientists say cutting out meat and dairy is the best way individuals can tackle the climate and wildlife crises, as the food system is surely one of the most important ones as it is globally responsible for about a third of all greenhouse gas emissions. If you haven’t heard of them already, Green Monday Group is an award-winning social venture and creators of OmniFoods and Green Common, their one-stop culinary destination for plant-based eating.

In lieu of #Veganuary, Green Monday has partnered with over 50 restaurant and coffee shop outlets in Singapore to provide a great variety of delicious vegan options to suit different palates and budgets. They are trying to make vegan food options easily available in supermarkets and restaurants, so you can simply make substitutes whenever you can.

Restaurant partners of Green Monday, many of whom have created brand new dishes for #Veganuary 2022, include The Fullerton Hotel Singapore and The Fullerton Bay Hotel, Sheraton Towers Singapore’s Li Bai Cantonese Restaurant, Food Loft, Shi Zhi Wei Kitchen, Donburi no Tatsujin, Daily Green, Teik Kee, Saveur Thai, and Common Grill by COLLIN'S. What kind of dishes can you expect? Vegan versions of local favourites such as Laksa, Hainanese Chicken Rice, Nasi Lemak, Satay Bee Hoon, Peking Duck, and more!

Order from the partner restaurants directly. To order from Green Commons, you may do so online via Oddle.

Common Green is located at 1 HarbourFront Walk, VivoCity, #01-169/170, Singapore 098585.

Vanilla Luxury
Vanilla Luxury
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