Resident Evil Village, Resident Evil 4 remake, Death Stranding, and Assassin's Creed Mirage are all coming to a new platform: phones

 Resident Evil 4 Remake Luis
Resident Evil 4 Remake Luis

Apple's latest reveal event actually included some big news from its gaming division: major titles like Resident Evil 4 remake, Resident Evil Village, Death Stranding, and Assassin's Creed Mirage are coming to mobile on the back of the iPhone 15 Pro.

Much of the event talked up the new A17 Pro GPU powering the new model. Apple's promising revolutionary graphical and performance improvements, including "hardware-accelerated ray tracing which is 4x faster than software-based ray tracing." Several game developers took to the stage to agree as part of a reveal sizzle reel.

  • Fabrice Navrez, for The Division Resurgence, coming to iPhone 15 Pro in early 2024: "The A17 pro allows us to push the quality of the game with improved resolution and more dynamic lighting, and even more fire and weather effects, making the game more real."

  • Tsuyoshi Kanda, for Resident Evil Village and Resident Evil 4 remake, coming to iPhone 15 Pro later this year: "Games like Resident Evil Village and Resident Evil 4, once only available on consoles, can now be played on iPhone thanks to A17 Pro. This is the future of mobile gaming, all thanks to the power of iPhone 15 Pro."

  • Fish Ling, for Honkai Star Rail (already available on mobile): "Thanks to the chip updates, we have been able to develop high-quality water features that mean more realistic waves and reflections. On the new iPhone 15 Pro, Honkai Star Rail has never looked better."

  • Meng Wang, for Genshin Impact (also long since released on mobile): "The A17 Pro's GPU is even faster, and the MetalFX upscaling has allowed us to bring faster response times and more detailed environments to life."

Greg Joswiak, SVP of worldwide marketing at Apple, touched on Assassin's Creed Mirage, calling it "the first time the console version of Assassin's Creed will be natively available on a smartphone." Like Ubisoft's mobile spinoff The Division Resurgence, Assassin's Creed Mirage is coming to mobile in early 2024. Death Stranding, meanwhile, was briefly mentioned in an announcement post.

Especially for newer releases like Resident Evil 4 remake and the unreleased Assassin's Creed Mirage, it is pretty impressive to see them running on a phone. Their mobile availability outside of the iPhone 15 Pro is unclear for now, but the new-gen nature of the announcement suggests they were built with exacting specifications in mind.

"iPhone 15 Pro brings true-to-life gaming to the palm of users’ hands with console titles never before seen on a smartphone, like Resident Evil Village, Resident Evil 4, Death Stranding, and Assassin’s Creed Mirage," Apple says.

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