Researchers help teens with disabilities prevent and treat depression, anxiety

New Delhi, Oct 02 (ANI): Teens with disabilities are up to five times more likely to suffer from mental, emotional and behavioural health disorders than adolescents without disabilities, University of Illinois Chicago researchers revealed recently. They added that care coordination services help these young people get the medical care and social services they need to be healthy. However, current care coordination programs usually do not provide mental health treatment or offer preventive mental health interventions. While the study is not yet open for enrolment, the researchers plan to engage 780 teens ages 13-20 who have intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families and will follow their health and experiences within the health care system for 24 months. Recruitment will include teens living in urban and rural areas and will be inclusive of all racial and ethnic identities. Pending approval of the study by the UIC Institutional Review Board, the researchers plan to enrol participants beginning in the fall of 2022.

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