Remember Neopets? They’re back – in the Metaverse

Yes, you heard right — the original Neopets is returning in an exciting new web3 format in the metaverse.

I’m feeling so nostalgic, I could cry. As a kid growing up in the 2000s, Neopets was my entire life. I would log on every day after school, feed my little Uni, collect my dailies then play a dozen or so games to earn some Neopoints (the currency in Neopia). Funnily enough, over 10 years later, even though all my friends have grown up and moved on, I remain a loyal Neopets player. And if I’m completely honest, I’ll let you in on a little secret — I still play to this day. And I have amassed over $60 million Neopoints, no biggie.

Anyway — sorry about nattering on. The point of this article isn’t to bore you with a monologue about my entire relationship with Neopets, but rather, to let you know that our favourite childhood / adulthood site is joining the Metaverse (!). From tomorrow onwards, Neopets will be known as Neopets Metaverse, combining classic elements of the original website with new features and activities. With the Alpha Release, Neopets Metaverse hopes to appeal to both seasoned Neopians and attract new players all over the world.

The Alpha launch will include a diverse customisation and care system for your Neopets; personalised Neohomes to design, create and visit; a brand new battle combat system; a variety of PvE (Player versus Environment) activities to train and grow the litter; and reimagined shops and P2P Marketplace offering a unique experience to buy, sell and trade items.

Dominic Law, Chief Metaverse Officer at Neopets Metaverse, sums it up well: “Behind the story of Neopets is a strong and supportive community of players who have also grown with the Neopets brand, diligently holding onto the nostalgia attached to it,” he says. “Whether you’re a player who traversed the world of Neopia in the early Y2K days or someone who has joined us recently, we are excited to invite you on an epic adventure within Neopets Metaverse and the web3 space.”

The map of Neopia
The map of Neopia

Neopets Metaverse launches its Alpha version on 26 August 2022.

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