Relationship counselor share details about Sarah-Matteo wedding

Heidi Hsia

27 Feb – Letty Fuentes, a friend to celebrity couple Sarah Geronimo and Matteo Guidicelli, recently stated that the wedding between the two was a secret not only to Geronimo's family, but the Guidicellis as well.

As reported on Push, the relationship counselor, who was at the surprise wedding when it happened on 20 February, shared that Guidicelli's family only found out about it a day before the actual ceremony.

"It was a surprise even to the Guidicelli family. They only knew the day before, to prevent leaks. Sarah said "Tita, we really decided on this"," she said, adding that even she thought that she was only attending a session and dinner with the two of them.

Fuentes also denied that the wedding was a civil union, adding that the two of them were married in Christian rites that was officiated by Pastor Paolo Punzalan.

The counselor stated that Geronimo was very composed in the lead-up to the wedding and seemed very happy. She also alleged that the couple had wanted to wed for several years, but that they weren't able to do so due to the opposition from the Geronimos - mother Divine in particular.

As for the allegation against Guidicelli made by Geronimo's bodyguard, Fuentes said that there was no brawl or any weapon involved. However, she confirmed that Divine gatecrashed the wedding and caused a scene that involved shouting and cursing.

Said Fuentes, Divine has told her in the past that she would never accept her daughter marrying the said singer, and even asked Fuentes herself to advise Geronimo against marrying Guidicelli.

(Photo Source: Matteo Guidicelli Instagram)