Regine Velasquez saddened by Duterte's remarks about God

12 Jul – Singer Regine Velasquez recently expressed her sadness over Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte's latest comment about God.

As reported on Inquirer, following the previous backlash over him asking "Who is this stupid God?" at an event, Duterte recently challenged his God-fearing citizens to prove God's existence with a selfie, saying that he will announce his resignation if even one person could do it.

Velasquez, who kept mum at first, couldn't help but express frustration on Twitter about the president's statement, saying, "I feel really sad. I don't like to meddle in things like this but..."

"[...] Mr. President, we get it that you don't believe in God."

"But a lot of us believe in Him. God does not engage in politics, so I hope we could leave God out of this," she added.

However, the devout Catholic said that she will continue to pray for Duterte.

"May God bless you and may He show you the right way to lead our country. In Jesus name I pray..."

(Photo Source: Billboard)