ODEON responds to criticism over ticket prices at refurbished Leicester Square cinema

Hanna Flint
People aren’t impressed with the prices of the new ODEON Luxe Leicester Square cinema
People aren’t impressed with the prices of the new ODEON Luxe Leicester Square cinema

UPDATE: ODEON has responded to criticism over ticket prices at the newly refurbished ODEON Luxe Leicester Square, where prices can go up to £40 per ticket, saying the cinema offers an experience “different to any other cinema in the UK” and that prices still offer “fantastic value” when compared with tickets for “theatre, concerts, or live sports”.

They add that while £40 is the top-tiered price, tickets for every show start at just £10.

Here’s the ODEON’s statement in full: ODEON Luxe Leicester Square is different to any other cinema in the UK, with fantastic Dolby Cinema™ technology and unparalleled comfort creating a phenomenal experience. With tickets starting at just £10 for every show – and a range of other choices including Luxe recliners and the exclusive 22 full recliners in the Royal Box – it offers fantastic value compared to tickets for other popular destinations like the theatre, concerts or live sports.

Price choices vary and flex depending on a number of factors including seat type and location in the auditorium, what we’re showing, time of day, and the number of people booking at one time (for example family tickets are cheaper per person). The first week of the biggest film of the year during the festive season is obviously peak, and guests can expect prices will flex throughout the year.

Luxe Classic seats are included in ODEON Limitless membership, with just a £5 upgrade for Luxe Recliners (excluding Royal Box).

ORIGINAL STORY: The long-awaited opening of the refurbished ODEON Leicester Square is nearly upon us, but with a brand new venue comes brand new ticket prices and people aren’t impressed.

Adult cinema-goers hoping to catch an evening screening of the latest releases like Mary Poppins Returns might have to pay up to £40 for the convenience.

The cinema has now been branded an ODEON Luxe venue which has staggered ticket prices depending upon the seat location and the actual seat.

Luxe recliners have been installed and will cost a person as much as £40 each to watch a movie in the area dubbed the “Royal Box”. Ticket prices begin at £10 for seats in the first floor circle. Matinee performances offer a reduced rate for Royal Box tickets at £25.75.

Many people have criticised the new pricing system:

The prices aren’t so steep if you sign up for one of Odeon’s Limitless cards.

For £19.99 a month (or £17.99 for non-London cinemas) you can see as many movies as you want but if you want to see them at an Odeon Luxe in a Luxe recliner it will cost an extra £5 per visit.

If you don’t want to sign up to the membership then there are always the morning screenings during the week that range between £25 and £10.

Yahoo Movies UK has reached out to Odeon Cinemas for comment.

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