Reese Witherspoon feeling 'heavy-hearted' about state of the world

Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon took a moment out of her day to have a cry on Wednesday after waking up feeling "so heavy-hearted" about the current state of the world.

The Big Little Lies star took to Instagram to share her emotional struggle with fans, revealing she only allowed herself to shed a few tears after a friend urged her to "take a moment".

"This morning, a friend said to me, 'I can see you are overwhelmed. Just take a moment' and I started to cry. I just felt so heavy-hearted," she began.

Witherspoon went on to list some of the current events which have made her "feel sad", naming Tuesday's "devastating" tornado in her hometown of Nashville, Tennessee, the spread of the "mysterious" coronavirus, and the political arguments people have been engaged in over the U.S. presidential election in November.

"So much hate and tension and discord," she reflected. "Honestly, this week has been a lot. And it's only Wednesday."

The actress then urged followers to allow themselves a moment of vulnerability and help to spread kindness instead of hate.

"Days, weeks, months like this make me want to crawl in a hole. But my friend offered me a moment. To just feel sad," she continued. "So I wanted to offer it to you all. A moment or a day or a week. Take what you need. Remember that pain is inevitable. But friends who hold your hand and kids who laugh at silly jokes and sunsets that light up the sky and chocolate chip cookies are very real too.

"We are in this together. Let's take care of each other. And remind each other of all the GOOD."

Witherspoon's candid and encouraging message was applauded by her followers, including celebrity friends Julianne Moore, Lily Collins, Elle Macpherson, and her daughter, Ava Phillippe, who commented with a red heart emoji and added, "love this".

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