Reen Yu files police report against bullying netizen

22 Oct – It was reported that Taiwanese actress Reen Yu has recently filed a report to the police after being continuously attacked by a netizen online.

As reported on Singtao, the actress who reopened her Instagram and Facebook account in July this year, was revealed to have been receiving threats from a user called "Meetbeem Saranghago", who has been flooding her comment section with insults and accusations.

The account, which also uses Reen's image as its profile photo, has also been sharing her photos online and writing negative comments about her, including calling her shameful, a liar, and using several other disparaging words on the actress.

Aside from the said handle, said netizen (or netizens) also has various different Instagram handles that are used to leave negative comments on the actress' page.

According to Taiwanese media, following the continuous attacks, the actress has decided to take the case to the authority. Suspecting that the person behind the account is a crazy fan of husband, "Meteor Garden" star Vic Chou, Reen reportedly has begun collecting evidence since September, and had taken them to the police.

The news was also confirmed by the police, revealing that the case has been transferred to the Songshan branch for further investigation.

(Photo Source: Reen Yu Instagram)