Recall Issued For Bellamy’s Organic Baby Pasta After High Levels Of Arsenic Found

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The Singapore Food Agency (SFA) has issued a recall for Bellamy’s Organic – Organic Brown Rice Pasta Stars—pasta marketed as baby food—after ‘excessive levels’ of arsenic was found in the product. 

According to SFA, it as already directed its importer, DKSH Marketing Services Pte Ltd, for a recall of all batches of this Bellamy’s Organic product—each box contains 200g of pasta and comes from Australia. The product’s packaging states that they are targeted at infants ages 7 months and above.

Amount of Arsenic in Product May Be Unsafe For Infants

In a media release, SFA said the levels of arsenic found in the organic brown pasta exceed the maximum limit for arsenic allowed in baby food. 

The maximum limit is said to be 0.1 ppm but the samples of Bellamy’s Organic baby pasta were detected to have between 0.12 to 0.3 ppm worth of arsenic. 

“The level of arsenic detected may cause the product to be unsafe for consumption by infants if there is long-term intake,” said SFA.

While the product is meant to target infants ages 7 months and above, the amount of arsenic found may be too harmful for babies to consume. 

bellamy's organic baby pasta
bellamy's organic baby pasta

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SFA Advises To Avoid Consumption 

As of Tuesday (3 November), the recall of the product is still ongoing. 

For consumers who have already purchased Bellamy’s Organic pasta, are advised to ensure their infants do not consume them. SFA stated that they may also contact their point of purchase for enquiries or for exchange of the product. 

SFA also advises that if it appears that infants who have consumed the said product look unwell or sick, that they seek immediate medical advice immediately.


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