Rebel Wilson bares her abs in workout selfie

Rebel Wilson's working out for the weekend.

On Saturday, the Australian actress shared a selfie on Instagram Stories, posing in a black sports bra and matching yoga pants, seemingly in preparation to hit the gym.

"Let's go Saturday," the 41-year-old star captioned the pic.

Wilson was workout-ready in her latest selfie. (Photo: Rebel Wilson/Instagram)
Wilson was workout-ready in her latest selfie. (Photo: Rebel Wilson/Instagram)

The Pitch Perfect actress's self-proclaimed transformation to "Fit Amy" began in 2020, when she revealed to fans that she'd be embarking on a "year of health." Wilson has credited the Mayr Method, an eating plan that aims to improve digestion through alkaline foods, mindful eating and regular fasting, and high-intensity workouts for her weight loss, but noted last November that her fitness journey was "not about a weight number, it's about being healthy."

Last week the star — who has revealed that her desire to have a baby motivated her to become more active — shared a photo circa 2013-14, when she says she was at her "unhealthiest."

Reflecting on "being overweight and indulging way too much with junk food," Wilson shared that she had turned to food "to numb my emotions" after the death of her father.

"I didn’t think highly of myself and wasn’t valuing myself how I should have. It’s interesting that I’m still smiling and still trying to be active... despite being in so much pain," she continued, going on to offer support to anyone going through something similar.

"I look back now at that girl and am so proud of what she’s become and achieved," she wrote. "And just wanted to send out some encouragement to everyone out there struggling with weight or body issues or emotional eating. I feel you. I know what it’s like. But it’s never too late to start improving yourself and trying to be the best version of YOU possible. It’s not a race and it’s not a competition — it’s about respecting yourself and doing what’s best for YOU. So if you’re out there and reading this today, I just wanted to say: Keep smiling and keep trying to be active!"

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