Rebecca Zhu has no issue with Tony Hung

27 Mar – TVB actress Rebecca Zhu would rather not address the possible rift between her and Tony Hung, after the actor expressed hesitance on working with her again in the future.

As reported on On CC, earlier this week, Tony confirmed to the media that the actress has already apologised to him twice for claiming that he took advantage of her while filming their intimate scenes for the 2019 hit drama, "Wonder Women".

However, when asked if he would have any qualms working with Rebecca again in the future, Tony stated that he would rather not take any risks.

Speaking to the media at the promotional event of "Forensic Heroes IV", Rebecca reiterated her previous response, saying that she has no issue working with Tony as she bore no ill-will towards the actor.

"But when it comes to filming and event appearances, everything is arranged by the company," she added.

When mentioned that Tony seemed doubtful about another collaboration with her, the actress stressed that she has nothing to say about it.

"Everything is arranged by the company. I have no issue," she added.

As to Alice Chan's previous comment that she and Tony had miscommunication, Rebecca stated that the two of them did talk to each other.

"I have already said that I contacted him and consoled him. It wasn't just once. It was two friends communicating with one another," she added.

However, she admitted that the two of them haven't seen each other since the incident.

Rebecca stressed that her previous statement was not meant to stir up drama, and that people should stop discussing it further as it happened a while ago.

Asked if this issue would scare off other male actors of working with her in the future, the actress responded, "No. I have already collaborated with a lot of other male actors before."

(Photo Source: Rebecca Zhu Instagram)