Rebecca Zhu complains about Tony Hung's handsy approach to filming

23 Dec – Rebecca Zhu recently complained that her "Wonder Women" co-star Tony Hung has a tendency to improvise their intimate scenes, much to her annoyance.

As reported on HK01, the actress, who plays Tony's wife in the said drama, told the media that the actor would add a lot of kissing and touching to their scenes together and that she would try to play along even though they came as a surprise to her.

"But in my mind, I was thinking, 'Are you done touching, Tony?'. He really was invested in the scenes. Afterwards I would ask him if he was improvising too much," she said.

Rebecca also stated that Tony added a kiss to their scene once while filming, even though such a thing did not occur during rehearsal.

"I didn't know how to react, but there was no reason for me to push him away. If this was real life, I would have slapped him. But I had to be professional and couldn't yell at him as we were filming," she added with a smile.

The actress stated that she mentioned the issue to the director and was assured that he would cut the scene out, though she is now unsure whether or not the scene would be aired.

"Tony told me that the storyline required it and it felt like the right moment to kiss me. But he didn't apologise to me," she said.

Asked if she was angry at the actor, Rebecca admitted that she was, even though the two of them are good friends. However, she stressed that she has no issue with adding intimate scenes if it's appropriate.

She also reminded Tony to be more careful, as other actresses might not have taken it as well as she did.