This Is The Reason Why Chhoti Sardaarni Actress Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia Has Been More Private On Her Social Media Ever Since She Stepped Into Showbiz! - EXCLUSIVE

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Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia, who is currently seen playing the role of Seher in the show Chhoti Sardaarni, thinks that social media plays an important role in our lives these days. However, at a time when celebrities are living their entire lives on the platform and are running behind the number of followers they have, Nimrit has decided to distance her personal life from social media.

On being asked about the importance of social media in her life, she says, "I believe social media is extremely important as it gives us the ability to reach out and make a difference, yet it cannot be one’s life. I love using my social media to interact with my fans and express myself on things that I truly believe in. However, I do realise the cons that social media brings with it. It can take a toll on one’s mental health as we constantly tend to compare our lives with others and how reel starts seeming real. Besides, social media can get very addictive and sometimes become very difficult to manage." ALSO READ: Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia On Playing Her Own Daughter Seher In Choti Sarrdaarni Post The Leap, 'I Will Be Lying If I Say I Don't Feel The Pressure'- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Further, she says, "My schedule of social media would be to share some aspects of shoots from the set or interaction with my fans. Ever since I have stepped into showbiz, I have become more private and out of the social media box. I believe that I wouldn’t want some aspects of my life to be for public scrutiny or judgement. With time, I have learned not to easily get affected by any trolls or social media bullying, I prefer to keep my distance." ALSO READ: Choti Sarrdaarni Actress Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia On Kratika Sengar Replacing Her: 'I Have Not Made An Exit From The Show'- EXCLUSIVE

"In my opinion social media if used wisely, can play a huge role in inspiring people, in backing ideas that can make a difference; be it growing businesses, entities, etc. It’s an extension of one’s personality which makes me more accessible and relatable to my audiences," says Nimrit.

Lastly, talking about her show, she says, "With the current track, the whole vibe of the show has changed. Earlier, I was playing a mother, now I am a young girl who is full of energy, is vivacious and wants to live life on her own terms. So yes, personally it has now become much more fun and relatable.”

Image source: Instagram/nimritahluwalia

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