‘You really got some issues,’: Singapore’s Kumar responds to Jocelyn Chia controversy, apologizes on her behalf

Another Singaporean has stepped up to apologize to Malaysia on Jocelyn Chia’s behalf for her inappropriate jokes.

Singapore’s top comedian Kumar, who is currently on his Kumarsutra stand-up tour that includes a stop in Kuala Lumpur, went on the record to condemn Chia’s bold jokes and ask that she seek professional help.

“Hello my fellow Malaysians, I would like to sincerely apologize for Jocelyn Chia’s content from a stand-up comedy show which I think people really shouldn’t use standup comedy as a tool to vent out your anger and hatred,” he said.

“I really think [Jocelyn Chia] should seek help because you really got some issues,” he added.

Chia, a lawyer turned comedian who is based in New York, has been engulfed with hate online after a clip of her from her stand-up show in New York surfaced last week. She continuously made unfunny jokes about Malaysia, including a jab at the MH370 incident.

Since then, Malaysian ministers and Singapore’s Minister for Foreign Affairs Vivian Balakrishnan have come forward to apologize for her “horrendous statements.”

Kumar asked that comedians “learn” from this “unfortunate” incident and reassured Malaysians that her views do not represent Singapore’s.

“Malaysia and Singapore are brothers and sisters, any animosity created is not good for us,” he wrote in the post.

After Chia’s socials were inaccessible, many speculated that she took down the page herself due to the backlash but resurfaced days later claiming that she actually got suspended.

Image: Jocelyn Chia/Instagram
Image: Jocelyn Chia/Instagram

She also showed no remorse in her latest posts and instead seems to love the attention she riled up.

Chia has not responded to any of Coconuts’ attempts to reach out to her for comment.

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