Reality Steve Just Revealed the Final Two Contestants on 'The Golden Bachelor!'

Reality Steve Just Revealed the Final Two Contestants on 'The Golden Bachelor!'

Smash that life alert button and pour some heart-healthy champagne, because the moment you've been dreaming of has finally arrived. That is, if you've been dreaming of ABC's new addition to the Bachelor Nation franchise, The Golden Bachelor, which we most certainly have.

It's been 84 years since this show was first announced, but The Golden Bachelor officially premieres in mere weeks on September 28, and we already know the top three contestants (scratch that, top two contestants) thanks to some trusty recently-released spoilers.

As you know if you've been paying attention to the silver fox who keeps popping up during The Bachelorette commercial breaks, The Golden Bachelor stars Gerry Turner, a "71 years young" Indiana resident who is looking to find romance in his twilight years. (Side note: my personal twilight years were 2008-2012, IYKYK.)

ABC just revealed the 22 "senior women" who will be vying for Gerry's heart, and not only is every single one of them at least 60 years old (good job, ABC casting department!), but Bachelor Matt James'mom is in the mix. But which of these lucky senior citizens will win Gerry's heart? Stay tuned, because we'll be updating this with more spoilers in two seconds (the Final Rose Ceremony films August 31), but for now, we know the identity of Gerry's final three contestants thanks to—as always!—Bachelor Nation spoiler sleuth Reality Steve.


Note: Unlike typical Bachelor/Bachelorette seasons with four Hometown Dates, Gerry only had three Hometown Dates during his season of The Golden Bachelor, according to Reality Steve. And they were with none other than....

Faith Martin, 60

golden bachelor
Ricky Middlesworth

Leslie Fhima, 64

Ricky Middlesworth

Theresa Nist, 69

the golden bachelor
Ricky Middlesworth


Faith was eliminated during Gerry's Hometown Dates (which, by the way, were filmed in mid-August 2023), and that means his final two are...Leslie Fhima and Theresa Nist!

According to Reality Steve (^ read his full post right above), Gerry is filming his final rose ceremony in Costa Rica pretty much RTFN, so stay tuned for more updates. Oh, and if you're wondering whether or not Gerry's going to have Fantasy Suite Dates (which typically involve leads having sex—or at least spending the night sans cameras—with their finalists), he had this to say on the subject:

“I just think that a Fantasy Suite for someone of my age may look quite different,” Gerry told Entertainment Tonight, adding that “the activities could be quite different than for someone in their 20s and 30s.” Can't decide if I need to know exactly what that means, or if I need to never hear more about this topic again.

Either way, Gerry said the Fantasy Suites "really don't" make him nervous," adding, “They make my daughters a lot more nervous than me.”

Speaking of Gerry's two daughters (hi, Angie and Jenny!), you can read all about them and the rest of their family below—plus find out what made Gerry join The Golden Bachelor years after the passing of his late wife. As he put it, "I have her picture on a dresser in my closet. Every morning I give her the nod, 'So what do you think about this?' For a while it was like I was having a hard time figuring out if she would be okay. But we always told each other, when one of us goes, we want the other one to be happy. She's saying, 'Yeah Gerry, do this.'"

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